Monday, November 26, 2012

It's Good to Be Free

You humans would not understand.
You get to do what you want.
You DON'T get to do what you want?
I didn't know that.

Well, at least you don't have to spend the day in a pen with AbbyGoat!
I've got you there!

I was so happy to be FREE.
To be OUT of the pen.
To be munching on the dried leaves under the weed tree.
(No one seems to know what the weed tree is but delicious.)

I was still not alone but at least I was FREE!
My great grandkids don't bother me much.
In fact I am teaching them some of the skills they need to survive.

Just look at little Bruce - see how he enjoys a branch of weed tree?
I taught him how yummy it is.

Soon ALL of the goats were trying to horn in on the weed tree.
So much for my free time.

That is OK.
I snuck off to visit my studmuffin.
He was MAAAAAAING loudly.
He does not like it when we are not in our pen.

It was a nice time out of the pen but it soon ended and the publicist made us go back.
I like to be free.

Free Pricilla!
That's what I maaaaaa!

PS - we all hope that our US readers all had a very nice Thanksgiving. And it is CYBER MONDAY today so I am having a sale in my shop. If you use the code PRICILLA at checkout you will get 10% off!


  1. Glad you got to be free for a little while Pricilla and that you visited Luke. He must get very lonely for his women. Glad everyone had a good holiday and we will check out that soap. Take care.

  2. You don't want to be free forever. Free is overrated. While there is weed tree in freedom, there is no grain, no greens and no publicist. I think you would be lost without her.

  3. sharing the weeds and trees. yum!

  4. we aren't so sure that freedom is all it is cracked up to be. but hey - if that is what you really want. :) mom says she may have to do some shopping....

  5. What freedom! It is good to go browse out and about. Hope you get lots more chances soon.

  6. The call of the wild vs the call of the grain.

    Life is full of choices...

  7. We think you have a pretty cushy life Pricilla so being free isn't all it's cracked up to be but it's good you do get out every once in awhile. Luke sure keeps track of you!

  8. Oooo! That looks FUN! Luke is so cute there with his little pink tongue. hee hee. Bruce and Clarence are getting so big! You've taught them well - they must be eating a lot! hee hee hee.

    My lady says everyone should buy your soap. She loves it.

  9. Freedom is the bast, but a safe pen to sleep in is good too.

  10. Freedom to browse is a GOOD thing!! :)

  11. Free Pricilla! Free Pricilla! Free Pricilla!

  12. Born Freeeeeee! As free as the wind blowwwwwsssss......

    I'm singing that for you, Pricilla. We know all about wanting to run free--just ask Hobbes. He is very sad that it is too cold to stay outside and enjoy the fresh air.

    I'm glad I remembered to order my goat soap for Christmas! I can't wait!! (I ordered some for me too!)

  13. We're happy you got to munch on your weed tree. And it sure was nice of you to share it with the other goats. :)


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