Friday, November 2, 2012

Farm Cat Friday - Where is Harry the Farm Cat?

Harry the Farm cat has a new view on his world.
He is one silly kitty!

If you cannot see the movie you can view it on YouTube HERE

I think the chickens DID chase him up there.
They chase him all over the Farm!
It is good the publicist came to rescue him.

Or maybe he is just trying out something other than a box!


  1. don't worry harry...i won't tell anyone that a bunch of stupid chickens chased harry the FARM cat up the pole. it will be our little secret.

  2. Good job Harry getting down from way up there. You need to give those chickens a good whap. Grab one of their feathers. Have a great week end.

  3. I think he was just surveying his farm to make sure everything is okay. Cats like to be in charge of everything.

  4. i want a post to sit on today and watch the world go by below!

  5. that is a pretty good spot - you can see all around and are safe from marauding chickens!! :)

  6. Harry, don't let those dumb chickens oppress you. Be brave, assert yourself. Show up with a box of KFC and show them a paw-licking example of possible payback.

  7. Harry the Pole Cat! Sorry, couldn't resist.

  8. Harry may be silly, after all he is a cat. But he's no fool. Dinner? Yes, please! I'll be right down.

    (Still laughing about pole cat.)

  9. Seriously? You let the chickens chase you around? You should just give them a good whapping THEN run for your life! Hahahaha.

  10. The Publicist sounds like our Mommy! And we heard that no-good, awful, bloodthirsty rooster...

  11. He is very silly. I like how he went to roll over and realized that he can't up there on the pole.



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