Friday, November 9, 2012

Farm Cat Friday - The Farm Cats Work for Their Treats

It's about time these Farm cats did something around this Farm to earn their keep.
OK, Harry does catch some mice but the others?
What really do they do other than look fluffy?

Mr. Chewy sent the Farm cats some cat treats.
Mr. Chewy - how about sending me some goat treats? I am a good reviewer!

Anyway - these are Felidae TidNips Chickenlicious Chicken and Rice Treats.
(CHICKEN?! - Don't tell the roosters. They would NOT want to know this.)
Maybe THIS is why they chase the Farm cats. What do you think?

You can watch the movie to see how the Farm cats liked the treats. Pumpkin was nowhere to be found when the taste testing was held. He has since tried the treats and he likes them.

If you cannot see the movie you can view it on YouTube HERE

As you can see Harry the Farm cat is a PIGGIE cat!
He really liked the TidNips! I think he would have eaten the whole bag.

Sherpa liked them too.
I think Stinky WOULD HAVE liked them if given a chance to eat them
Bad Sherpa. Bad Harry.

The publicist says she is sorry she did not sweep her floor before the taste testing.
Anywho - the Farm cats recommend the Felidae TidNips Chickenlicious Chicken and Rice Treats. So that is sixteen paws up!

You can shop at at Mr.Chewy for your pet needs
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Disclosure:  Mr. Chewy sent the Farm cats some treats to taste test. He did not send ME any treats to taste test. Harumph! The Farm cats gave their honest opinions in the movie, except Pumpkin who did not come out of hiding. Stupid Pumpkin - he must not like to be on film.


  1. They are treats, Harry..not a meal! LOL.
    Thanks for the brilliant video review!

  2. stinky better get faster on his paws!

  3. Oh those look like great tasty treats. We might have to try some of those some day. Have a great day.

  4. Well, at least Stinky got one! :)

  5. Awww, poor Stinky. Hopefully Pumpkin got to taste one or two. That Harry is definitely an Alpha Cat! Good luck Stinky!

  6. thanks for the kitty cat movie today. i miss my tuxedo. i want to steal harry. :)

  7. good review - we loved our treats too. love the tongue licking "give us more" looks :)

  8. OH! We love Felidae's food and have not tried these CHICKEN treats yet! I am putting my human on this immediately!

    BTW, except for the treat stealing, I can't believe how polite they all were! No hand-grabbing or attempts to take away the whole package... which is the sort of thing that happens here. My human says we behave like animals, to which I say, "And you aren't one too?"

  9. Too many treats? Is there such a thing? That was fun watching you all try out those treats! We haven't had those before but will have to get our mommy to get us some since we do get deliveries from Mr. Chewy.

  10. WHAT!?! She took some BACK!!!???

    That is a tragedy. We have some of those coming for us to try and now we can't WAIT!

  11. Poor Stinky! I agree Pricilla should get some treats too.


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