Tuesday, November 20, 2012

AbbyDay - I Enjoy a Bit of Tree

It's AbbyDay, the best day of the week. Instead of Thanksgiving I think there should be ThanksAbbyDay.

I was out the other day trying avoid the publicist enjoy the day when I sauntered over to the pine tree by the barn. I decided to have a snack. I got a bit peeved that my snack was the subject of a movie. I should be able to enjoy my snack in peace.

If you cannot see the movie you can view it on YouTube HERE

Sometimes being a star is very hard work.
A goat just wants to enjoy her meal, you know?
But those paparazzi!
I think she got the message, don't you?


  1. At least you were not caught doing something scandalous!

  2. i am heading out to cut down a big goat snack today!

  3. Nice stare of the goat to get rid of that publicist, finally. We had a goat that would stand and walk on his hind legs to reach the brances of the pine tree. Must be a yummy snack.

  4. that should teach her. MOL btw - that tree looked like it was giving you a hard time :)

  5. Abby, I think if you had asked the publicist nicely, without staring her down, she might have held the branch for you.

  6. It looks as though that tree was playing hard to get!

  7. Clearly you are suffering from neglect...a sensible publiscist would have hacked that branch off for you!

  8. It looks like a delicious tree-t! Glad your nosy movie happy publicist got the point. Darn humans won't just let you enjoy a snack.

  9. That was quite a stare Abby! It's a good thing she understood what you meant!

  10. Abby, I'd like to challenge you to a stare-down! ...Us cats are pretty good starers you know. I hold the townhouse record.
    ; ) Katie


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