Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Surprise Director for Movies with the Happy Goats

As you know the publicist has been showing more Movies with the Happy Goats.
We are all glad that you like to see us star in the movies.
She was filming one the other day and a new director stepped erm, up.

If you cannot see the movie you can view it on YouTube HERE

Well, what do you think?
Is this new director better?
Is this new director crazy?
Is the publicist crazy?

You never know what is going to go on around this Farm do you?
That silly cat just jumped right up on the publicist's shoulder.
She was a little bit surprised!


  1. The goats always seem so delightfully happy. Hey Sherpa, great directing debut!

  2. I wish I could direct some films... but I always have to be the star!

  3. Gotta get some attention somehow, right Sherpa. Good job directing. We just love seeing the goats run around. They are so sure footed. Take care.

  4. The pace of the movie definitely picked up after Sherpa took over. Lots more munching occurred. Good job Sherpa.

  5. The goats enjoy the wood pile in so many different ways! Love the debut of Sherpa the DirectorCat! :)

  6. Good job Sherpa. We think you have a future in film. MOL Mom thinks those kids need to be a little more careful though - there was sliding on the wood pile going on :)

  7. Kitteh gotta be in the middle of everythang. And you know that he is, constitutionally speaking, in charge.

  8. he likes his high points, doesn't he?

  9. We see why you're all called Happy Goats! Everyone always looks happy! Sherpa, you did a great job directing from up on the publicists! We loved seeing your cute face too!

  10. That looks like a wonderful wood pile! I think Sherpa does look like he's enjoying his job as director.


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