Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Further Tales of the Adventures of Bruce and Clarence the Goats

You saw yesterday that two small goats were not where they should have been.
Two tiny, little, mischievous goats.
Silly Bruce and Clarence!

How did the publicist know that they had escaped?
Louise the goat was BELLOWING!
She was NOT HAPPY!

But Bruce and Clarence were...


A whole new world to see.
A new playground to break in.
Little did they know that there was always a watchful eye on their games.

Little Clarence loved playing on the male person's old tires.
Until he didn't!
Then he realized the milk bar wasn't available.

Where is the milk bar?

Little Bruce was having a fine time of his own until he saw something strange in the driveway:

what is that creature with the black box on its face?

He was soon bellowing as loudly as his nanny!

I want my MAAAAAAAA!

Where is my MAAAAAA?!
Is that you?

Aaaaah, soon all was right in the little kids' world.
The milk bar was found.
Louise nor Bruce had to bellow.
They were all together as a family.

Louise kept them close for the rest of the day!
And gave them The Goat Stare of Death for escaping in the first place.

Baaaaad Bruce and Clarence.
Baaaaaad kids!


  1. tee hee. My goodness those boys are cute!

  2. Glad they found their way home. Silly boys!

  3. Uh oh! It's a big scary world out there, boys, you gotta stay close to least while you are little.

  4. Those two are the cutest little devils. And Louise is a good Nanny goat. Love the pictures. Take care.

  5. Such silly kids! Nothing quite like a rumbling tummy to get them home. :)

  6. Life goes on in Adventure Land. Stay tuned for the next exciting installment--same goat time, same goat channel. :)

  7. silly kids.... we bet Louise was glad they were back in the pen

  8. I want to adopt little Bruce, but only if he stays that size!

  9. Silly little boys! Maybe they will stay where they are supposed to now, well...probably NOT!!

  10. Just like a kid, get out party have the time of their life till they realize that Ummmmmm I don't have food, or my maaaa and well this just isnt fun anymore... then MAAAAAAAAAAAAA at the top of their lungs ROFL ROFL

  11. Adventures are fun... until they aren't! I guess that's was today's lesson learned!

  12. They are just too cute! We bet they stick closer to the milk bar from now on!

  13. SUCH a cute family.
    We just love seeing those kids!
    ...and Louise is such a sweet momma.
    ; ) Katie


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