Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our Friend Katie is ACCUSED!

You will recall our friend Katie.
She is the kitty cat that lives with Glogirly and has a delightful blog by that same name.
Well it seems she needs our help!

Katie is ACCUSED!
It's true!
She has been accused of the most awful crime.
She has also been entered into and become a finalist in the Friskies Presents the Best Cat Video Contest to with a Friskie!

This is very exciting.
I now know TWO famous cats - Katie and Sparkle.
I am a lucky goat!

I am asking you to go and VOTE for Katie's video so Katie can win. She will win a spiffy statue and maybe lots and lots of monies. What's even better for every vote, like or share of a video Friskies is donating  5 cans of Friskies® to one of 25 cat charity partners across the nation, up to 250,000 cans! How cool is that?

You can only vote once per person/per email address so make your vote count and vote for Katie!

So, who did chew on the laces?


  1. Pricilla, between you and me, I think this case is going to get thrown out of court! There was ANOTHER rule that was broken, and not by Katie! I will tell all on Sunday.

  2. Circumstantial evidence at best. I think Katie has been framed!

    I voted for "Accused".

  3. We will have to go check that out. I bet Katie is not guilty. Hope all have a great day.

  4. She looks awfully sweet. I don't think she could be guilty of anything.

  5. SOOO well done! i voted for katie!!!

  6. We think Katie was framed!

    We know a famous goat named Pricilla! :)

  7. Was that Officer Hobbes???!

    I voted! Katie sure is cute...even if she was accused.

  8. Thank you SO much for this cool post, Pricilla!
    We meant to come by yesterday, but Glogirly is away at Barkworld in Atlanta so her administrative responsibilities have been slipping, to say the least.

    thanks for watching and voting!!!
    : ) Katie


Maaaaaa away....


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