Monday, October 29, 2012

My Great Grandkids are Pretty Silly!

It's true!
I would not lie about something like that.
They ARE pretty silly.
Just look at this:

Clarence was eating some grain from the feeder

And Bruce shows up.
(They are never really far apart.)

He wants some grain too - of course - but I don't think this is the most expedient way of getting it.

Silly Bruce!
Now neither kid can eat any grain!

I think Clarence looks a bit put out.
Put out of his spot and put out of his grain.

Soon Clarence is truly put out and Bruce FINALLY gets some grain.
Louise comes to see what all the fuss is about.

Clarence goes off to other adventures.
And he gets away from the pecking, pointy beak of the chicken!
Louise wonders how she gave birth to such crazy kids!

I'm just a happy greatgrandnanny!


  1. Oh I love goats they are the most entertaining of all animals. I bet it is always an adventure.
    Popping over from Texwis Girl. B

  2. They are definitely entertaining. I love how the chickens are always photobombing the goats.

  3. They are soooo silly!! How does anyone get anything done around there with those two goofs constantly making you laugh???

    Happy Monday, Happy Goats Farm!

  4. Nice going Bruce. You got that Clarence out of there. We are just amazed by the snow. We can't believe you have snow already. Hope you goats have a great week.

  5. Boy, those are some nosy chickens too!

  6. Oooh, I do not like to see that snow on the ground. We are still enjoying fall colors and temperatures here in Missouri. The snow will come soon enough, though. May there be grain enough for all throughout the winter!

  7. Aren't all kids at least a little bit silly? Just asking . . .

  8. silly boys - always gotta do things the hard way (and make their momma crazy). and brrrrr - snow

  9. So many adventures for those silly boys!

  10. Those two are crazy kids! Louise looks like she's asking the publicist if she switched her good kids with these two silly ones!

  11. They are pretty silly Pricilla but they sure are cute! :)
    Can't believe ya'll have snow already! Yikes!!
    Tell The Publicist congrats on winning the Butterfly drawing!

  12. We think they ARE silly!! But oh so cute...those little horns are great. We wonder if cats can grow horns?

  13. Their silliness is quite endearing though!


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