Saturday, October 20, 2012

Luke Has a New Friend

Every day for quite a few weeks now the publicist has noticed an interloper in Luke the goat's pen.
She does not know how this creature is sneaking into Luke's pen, but Luke does not seem to mind.
Luke shares his broccoli treat and grain with his new friend and she has seen them sitting next to each other in the sun.
The publicist just shakes her head.
(Turn down your volume if you are wise)

If you cannot see the movie you can view it on YouTube HERE

Stupid rooster.
You would think it would want to stay with its own kind, but no! It spends its days with Luke the goat.
It jumps up on Luke's spool and crows away.

I don't know why Luke doesn't butt him but he doesn't.

I guess a feathered friend is better than no friend.
Silly Luke!


  1. I do love Luke so!

    Miss Darla never has a problem with other creatures....only goats! lol

    Probably comes from being raised by a giant dog and a less than thrilled cat!


  2. I just love to watch goats eat. The way Luke has all the hay dangling down his mouth as he munches is just way funny. I wish some people I've seen realizes it's only funny when a GOAT does it. Not humans. LOL.
    Maybe the crowing is music to Luke's ears? :p

  3. Luke, don't let that darn rooster eat your broccoli. But we see that you have some nice hay there. Do you let the rooster sit on you. I would think that would be pushing it a little bit. Take care.

  4. I don't know why he would put up with that! Really, stupid rooster.

  5. oh, that's cute! the boys sticking together...

    i used the word 'interloper' in my post today, too!

  6. Who are we to judge? A pally is a pally, right? A true friend doesn't judge and I'm just glad they found each other.

    My kids are always laughing at me because I was forever concerned that everyone had a friend. Everyone needs at least ONE friend to survive this crazy world. I never realized how fixated I was on that until the kids pointed that out one day. So, I continue my quest to make sure everyone has a friend and I encourage Luke and his Rooster friend to carry on.

    Have FUN guys!

  7. I think it's sweet that they are getting along so nicely.

  8. Luke looks very busy and happy to be chomping away on his hay while his Rooster buddy is just a'huntin' and a'peckin' away. They must be kindred spirits.

  9. We think we wouldn't be as...tolerant.

    More like bloodthirtsy.

  10. Sometimes the least likely will become best of friends :O). LOL

  11. Well I'd wanna hang out with Luke too!
    He's got really cool horns.
    ; ) Katie

  12. That's quite an odd couple but it seems to be working. Guess Luke just doesn't like to share his pen with other bucks.

  13. Luke, you're very tolerant to allow a guest that is loud, gets on the furniture and eats your food!

  14. Must be one of those male bonding things.


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