Thursday, October 18, 2012

Harry's Chickens

There have been inquiries regarding "Harry's" chickens.
You will recall the chicks that the publicist and the male person found earlier this summer and that Harry so very carefully drooled watched over.

Well, they eventually moved out of the living room and down to the basement.
Then they moved -  if you can believe THIS horror - out to MY barn.
It's true!
I had to live with those smelly, peeping chicks in MY barn until they were big enough to move into the chicken house.

If you cannot see the movie you can view it on YouTube HERE

Thankfully they are now quite ensconced in the big new chicken house.
You can see they are doing fine but there are only five now.
One did not make it.
The publicist does not know why.


  1. The video links didn't work. Said something about it being a duplicate of a previously uploaded video. :(
    We're glad they've moved to the chicken house...where they belong. :)

  2. no! haha...i bet harry misses his chicks!

  3. Chicks are cute...full grown I'm sorry to hear that one didn't make it. I hate it when I can't figure out sick animals. :(

  4. Pricilla, glad to hear that the chickens have vacated your barn. They are a nuisance, aren't they. Hope all of you have a great day.

  5. We have baby chicks arriving next week! I always hate if one dies. Harry will be looking forward to his next baby (chick) sitting job I am sure!

  6. The publicist is lucky to have such a responsible chick sitter. I am glad they have moved out of the barn. I know how annoying those chickens are to you.

  7. Harry, you have been sorely put-upon dealing with chickens in your own space, for Cod's sake.
    It must have been aggravating.

  8. poor Harry - he is going to have to go out to the chicken house to visit his chickens now. MOL Glad they aren't bother you goats now though.....

  9. the video didn't work (as folks already said above).

    i hope those little ones are growing fast!

  10. Those chicks grew up pretty big! Sorry to hear one didn't make it though.

  11. What a horror! Sharing your home with chickens. I do hope you got lots of yummy treats for your troubles.


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