Friday, October 26, 2012

Farm Cat Friday Interrupted to Bring You BREAKING NEWS!

You will not believe your eyes!
This is going to be the most astonishing movie you have EVER seen here on the Farm.
It is a buck fight like no other.
Two rough, tough bucks duke it out for the notice of a doe.
It is violent so be prepared!

If you cannot see the movie you can view it on YouTube HERE

Could you believe all of that head butting?!
All of that bellowing?!
Those two....silly little boys!

Who do they think they are kidding!
(no pun intended)
They think they are toughbucks, don't they?
Silly Bruce and Clarence!
They will NEVER be toughbucks because, well, they will never really be bucks.
Shhhhh, don't tell THEM that.
They might get upset, OK?

We will let them think they are "all that" for now.
Kids need to dream, don't they?

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  1. Those two are hilarious! BTW, is that SNOW I see on the ground? Already?!

  2. too funny!!! they sort of sound like squeaky toys. does this mean they will be getting snipped? will you be keeping them? and snow? fun! we are about to get hit by sandy!

  3. I like Clarence's double-flip Ninja-kick-in-the-air move best at around :52! SWEET move, Clarence!

  4. Love those little baas. Those two are hysterical. Good thing they have each other. They kind of know not to mess with Pricilla. Great video.

  5. It just cracks me up when they start making those little buck sounds!They are so funny!

  6. Oh, my eyes!! The violence was just too much...this needed an "R" rating!

    And somekid butt that rooster!

  7. there seemed to be more "dancing with the kids" than actual ninja moves. but the cute factor was an 11 out of 10

  8. too cute!! they're so soft (i mean studly) in their fighting :)

  9. Parts of it were like a well choreographed ballet. And other parts ... not so much :-)

  10. Once they got into it, it sure looked like they were auditioning for a part in ballet. They'd be great, and I'm not kidding. :)

  11. Those were very impressive aerial moves along with all that butting of those cute little heads! We're sure the does noticed but pretended they didn't!

  12. The chickens aren't that bright, are they? I noticed they don't seem to know enough to get out of the way.

  13. I would NOT have been able to film that, I'd be laughing too hard!!! So cute.

  14. That was the cutest scuffling around I've ever seen. This video made my day! I had to re-watch the beginning again because the goat talk was so funny. And the Doe-si-doe part.

  15. are you ready for the storm? it looks like it is heading right for us!

  16. All that commotion woke Snickers up. He was really trying to figure out how to get in the computer (maybe for a rooster snack). Those two boys are adorable!


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