Monday, October 8, 2012

Bruce, Clarence and the Piece of Tree

Bruce and Clarence are learning to eat all of the delicious things that goats like to eat.
And as you well know we are very spoiled goats here on the Happy Goats Farm and the publicist gives us many yummy things to munch.

We are STILL eating parts of The Big Tree-t.
Can you believe it?!
That was one big tree!
But we have had lots of good snacks from it.
And now so are the kids.

It took a bit for Bruce and Clarence to figure out that eating tree-t was a good thing.
Louise showed them how tasty it could be.

Louise is no dummy.

The best part of the tree-t, of course is nibbling on the needles.
I have mentioned how tiny Bruce and Clarence are and you can see it here when they stand in front of a piece of tree-t.

The needles are almost as big as the kids!
They are both checking it out but it is Clarence who proves to be Mr. Tough Buck!

He gives that piece of tree-t a butt!
Silly Clarence!
Tree-t is for EATING not for butting!

Now you have the idea!
Pretty tasty, isn't it?

I think he likes it, don't you?
He is one smart little kid!

Munch on, Clarence!
Munch on!


  1. Those two are something else. We love seeing pictures of the two boys.Have a great day all you goats.

  2. He's just butting it to see if it will release those wonderful piney scents. They are tiny!

  3. they are so cute? will they be leaving the farm?

  4. Bruce and Clarence are the cutest kids we've EVER seen. ...we love their names too. hehe!

    ; ) Katie

    Sorry we haven't been around much..."someone" got "busy"...excuses, excuses. What's a kitty to do?

  5. Butting the tree must be like practicing for butting the real thing (aka - other goats).

  6. Adorable kids. Bruce doesn't seem to be catching on, though.

  7. mom says if she lived out there, she would never get anything done - she would be watching the kids play all day :)

  8. Mommy can't stop smiling. She loves goats! Especially the kids! Bruce and Clarence are so adorable.

  9. I guess if you are a goat, that tree is pretty tasty!

  10. Bruce and Clarence just make us smile so much! It's so cute when there's two little ones at the same time!

  11. Oh, they are so ADORABLE!!! Mommy is in lurve.

  12. You goats always seem so big, but when I see that the CHICKENS are bigger than the kids it puts it all into perspective. I wish I could give Clarence and Bruce a hug.

  13. They are destined to be very talented munchers!


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