Tuesday, October 16, 2012

AbbyDay-I Tell You About Soap Stuff

It's AbbyDay the best day of the week. In fact the best day period!

Today I, AbbyGoat get to tell you about a special soap order. Me, not Pricilla.
So there Pricilla!

Recently the publicist sent a big box o'little soaps out for a party.
It's a party for kitty cats.

She also sent some Cat's Got Your Goat Soaps as prizes for a gift basket.

She tied the little soaps with holiday colored ribbons. Don't they look festive?
I hope the people at the party like the little soaps.

I think little soaps make great favors, don't you?

I'm practicing to be SpokesGoat for when Pricilla retires.
How did I do?


  1. Oh those lucky people at that party to get some of that great soap. Too cute the way they are all wrapped up in ribbons and Pricilla's picture. Take care.

  2. Great job Abby....mom loves the soaps and the idea of party favors is awesome!

  3. Good job Abby! And tell the publicist those soaps are very cute!

  4. You did an excellent job! Maybe you can give her some days off and she can semi-retire.

  5. The soap is fabulous and what a wonderful gift! I love that idea. I also love the idea of a party for kitties.

  6. Abby, you're a natural when it comes to spokesgoating! Very charismatic!

    And a kitty party with soapy favors sounds like so much fun!!

  7. You did a very good job Abby! You must have been paying close attention to Pricilla! We bet the people at the party will love the little soaps!

  8. That sounds like a fun party! I love the idea of soap favors - although I hope nobody is planning on getting any kitties wet!

  9. I'll bet everyone at the party will LOVE those cool little soaps!

  10. That looks like such a fun box to be the recipient of. I'm so jealous! Great job, SpokesGoat.

  11. How can anyone not fall in love with those soap! Beautiful!


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