Monday, September 24, 2012

The Publicist Thinks I'm a Bad Goat

It's TRUE!
She locked me out of the goat pen.

Can you imagine such a thing?
Why you ask?
Because I was so erm, enthusiastic about the new kids.
I wanted them to be mine.
I kept trying to lick them.
Louise did not appreciate this so we kept banging heads.
The publicist was afraid that the kids would get hurt.
So here I am, on the outside looking in.

The new kids played around a bit to get the feel for the big pen.

They caught the attention of the hens.

The hens are bigger than the kids right now so Louise was quite alert.

She let that hen know not to bother her kids!

She is a good nanny!


  1. It is so funny to think that the baby goats are smaller than a chicken! Pricilla, I do not think you are bad, you just love baby goats!

  2. Awww.

    For the kids and for poor Pricilla...........


  3. Aw, Pricilla, I get it. The other day I saw a family walking into a restaurant the same time we were. They had a little girl who looked exactly like Emma did when she was about 3. I joked to Joe "Do you think it would be bad if I asked them if I could just hug their kid?" He said it would be weird and so, I just stood there missing those days. A LOT.

    I get it, Pricilla. Some days you just miss having kids.

  4. That is just what grand nannies do! believe me when I am a grand nanny..umm grandma..I will be the same way.Not with the licking but the over attention,lol!

  5. Oh Pricilla, we know you aren't bad and just wanted to lick those new great grandchildren.They are so cute, we would like to lick them too. That Louise really is a great Mom. Take care.

  6. they are so cute i would want them to be mine too!

  7. those little ones are just precious.

  8. hopefully given a little more time Louise will remember you are just trying to be a good grandnanny. besides - we think those chickens are WAY scarier than you.... MOL

  9. Pricilla, please do not be upset with the Publicist, she is trying to keep the peace. Having such cute little kids around makes everyone want to get a lick or two. But you taught your grand daughter Louise well, and she is just being a terrific Nanny! Hugs all around! Can't wait to learn the names of those gosh darn cute kids!!!

  10. It sounds like Louise is a very protective mom! Do they have names yet?

  11. Pricilla, we're sorry you weren't able to lick the kids but soon they'll be big enough to annoy, we mean, play with you! Right now they are mighty cute though!

  12. Louise will soon let you in to be the great grandnanny Pricilla - I know you just want to see and lick them but they are VERY tiny. I never ever thought they would be soooo small! Patience dear Pricilla, soon they will be bigger.

  13. It would be scary to be smaller than a chicken!

  14. They are adorable. I don't blame you for wanting them. Maddie once stole my kid, and the human threatened to lock her up for kidnapping.

  15. I can't believe they are smaller than the chick-hen!!!
    That just means they are even MORE adorable than EVER!!!!!!

    Awww...sorry Pricilla. We can't blame you for wanting them. Glogirly wants them too. Thank Cod she's never tried to lick ME!

    ; ) Katie


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