Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sarah Remembers Jim the Goat

Maaa maaa everyone - Sarah the goat here to reminisce about my kid, Jim the goat. I was sorry to see him leave the Farm but I knew it was coming.

He was a baaaad little guy, wasn't he?
Always butting and biting the publicist
Hee hee.

I thought he was the cutest little kid when he was born.
Of course I think that about all of my kids.
Of course they ARE!

He grew fast and he loved to hop and jump. He especially loved his log in the goat pen.
He was jumping on it and on, ahem....

other things in short order.
He was a BIG eater.

Of BIG things.
Inappropriate things.

But he was cute!
I will miss him and all of the rest of us will miss him too.
Now we look forward instead of past.
Forward to little Louise the goat's kid due the end of this month.

I'm just glad that I am not the one having the kid!


  1. Yes, Jim will live to bite another day! ;)

    Gods, but he IS a cutie!

    And a new baby! What fun!
    The Goat Borrower is quite fond of new babies!

  2. You certainly did an excellent job raising your boy. He was awfully cute and naughty! We can definitely relate, as we have kids leaving the farm today too.

  3. He was a very norty boy but what fun he had. He knew how to live life, that is for sure.WE will miss that little devil too. Take care

  4. i hope he has a good home and a good life.

  5. Goodbye Jim,
    Nice knowing him.
    He'll be missed,
    or not . . . :)

  6. He was a cutie pie! There have been so many kids over the years, I'm losing track of which one belongs to which nanny!

  7. What a funny little goat Jim was - he will be missed (by us blog readers, at least!).

  8. Jim was a cutie and we're glad we didn't get butted or bit by him! We hope he enjoys his new farm and we'll look forward to some more kids on your farm!

  9. Farewell Jim! Off to better and bigger things to Butt and Bite...

    The poor publicist.

  10. yeah - Jim was baaad, but he was a cutie. we bet the publicist secretly misses him (and we hope we can hear future reports on his mischief)

  11. Where did he go? Did he find a nice home too? Oh, I hope so.

    I don't like it when the kids have to leave. :(


Maaaaaa away....


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