Saturday, September 15, 2012

Luke the Goat - Weed Eater

My studmuffin has a very important job around the Farm
He is Chief Weed Eater.
And he does a very good job!

He is doing double duty today - he is also starring on my friend Angel and Isabella's blog,  Beaded Tail so be sure to go and check out his stroll.

At night when the publicist takes us does up to the barn she takes my studmuffin for a bit of a walk. She lets him loose to munch the tasty weeds that grow around the Farm. This helps the male person and it keeps the weeds from spreading.

He is a very efficient weed eater.

And much quieter than that machine the male person uses sometimes.

He just munches and munches and munches and munches.
Then he burps.

And he munches some more.
He's a lucky boy to get to eat all of those yummy greens.
I think I'm jealous.

But as you know, I get my share of treats too!


  1. Oh Luke, what a good job you are doing. Bet those weeds are very tasty. Someone has to do that job, right Luke. Take care all of you.

  2. mom says she will take watermelon over weeds, but that Luke looks pretty efficient.....

  3. lucky boy to get special treatment!

  4. I saw Luke on Beaded Tail's blog last night - he is really quite special! I can see why you (and every other female at the farm) are in love with him!

  5. Oooo! There he is again! I love that sexy curl to his horns! Ooooo! I'd love for your Publicist to take some video of the famous Luke hop! We haven't seen that in ages!!!! He's so cute when he runs. Sigh.

  6. Luke does a very good job. I must say you are looking beautiful!

  7. Luke is good for the environment!

    Glad to see you're still getting some yummy watermelon, Pricilla!

  8. Luke is the most handsome weed eater ever! We're glad you get treats too Pricilla! We're very happy to go on a stroll with Luke on our blog too!

  9. He's way cuter than the human's weed machine too!
    ; ) Katie & Glogirly

  10. I would like Luke to come visit my neighbor. He has a LOT of weeds.

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