Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kid 1 and Kid 2 See the Light of Day

Exciting times here on the Farm.
The publicist new Louise the goat was going to have her kid soon - she thought it was only going to be one kid.
Louise sure did surprise her!

She thought it was going to be next week but Louise was showing signs that it might be sooner. Like growing the biggest udder the publicist has ever seen on a Nigerian dwarf goat! This should have been a clue that maybe there were going to be twins but sometimes the publicist is pretty stupid.

On Thursday night we went up to the barn as per usual around 6PM and Louise was not showing any signs of being in labor. The publicist and male person came up to check on her at 8:30PM and surprise, surprise there was a kid in the pen!

It was a cute little black and white kid.
Really, what a surprise. A black an white kid on the Farm.
The publicist went over to check on Louise and she stood up.
Under Louise was ANOTHER little goat.

It was probably a good thing they went in when they did or the second little kid might have been smothered. 
Louise, despite sitting on her second kid, is proving to be a very good nanny.

She has been barking at the male person, barking at the Farm cats and even barking at me!
She is licking those babies like crazy.
You know I would like to give them a little lick myself.
Maybe later.

They are very tiny.
You can see how small as the male person pets the first born. At least the publicist is guessing this is the first born as it was up and walking around and the brown one was under Louise and is a bit smaller.

They are both adorable as would be expected in greatgrandkids of mine.
Yes, I have admaaated it - I am a greatgrandnanny. But I am also a GREAT greatgrandnanny!

There will be more photos and movies as the kids get older.
Hopefully the publicist will get her act together and give them names soon too.
Kid 1 and Kid 2 are not good names.
Neither is trying to nurse on your brother.
They will learn.


  1. Oh, my luv..........

    What a wonderful way to start my morning! (And yours, too, I would imagine....!) ;)

    Such sweet miracles, are wee goaties!

    We are all looking forward to many, many stories!

    I shall alert The Sisterhood and we can all follow!

    *goat huggies* to you and yours!


  2. they are just too cute. i could look at them all day! the pic of the one with his tongue out is the best.

  3. You have made my morning too. Look at the brown one. It looks like the great great grannie. That is so great. And they are so tiny. Good job Louise. Look at that big white spot on the brown on, Moonbeam would be a good name. Can't wait for more pictures. Goody Goody, baby kids.

  4. Very cute photos of the new little guys. Maybe Louise got confused and was trying to hatch the brown one.
    Much good health and happiness to the newborns and new mom and of course to the great grandnanny!

  5. They are adorable kids! I must say I think the brown one that looks a bit like you is just the most precious. I am glad Louise has turned out to be such a good maa.

  6. They are little but oh so adorable! When those two start jumping around more it's going to be lots of fun times on the Farm!

  7. so precious! so glad they're doing well and louise is a good mom.

  8. Very cute! Now,let the bouncy, bouncy, fun begin!

  9. Such wee ones, and so precious. Now we eagerly await names for your new guys . . . er ah grandkids.

  10. OMG! They are the CUTEST things EVER! (Do I say that with every new kid?? uh oh.)

    Can they come and live with me?? I think I would like that AND they could mow my lawn for me. ;)

    Joe thinks you should name them "Starsky and Hutch." Joe cracks me up.

  11. I almost can't handle this level of cuteness!

  12. those are some cute new greatgrandkids you have there Pricilla - Louise did a good job!!

  13. They are adorable! Is the publicist going to get to lick them too? It could be a new pastime: baby goat licking! I wonder if they taste good...

  14. You made my lady say "ooooo" and "awwwww". She doesn't say that to me anymore - humph.

    I like that you've made that little brown goat pop out of Louise! Keep that brown legacy going!

    Happy Grandnanny!

  15. Oh my goodness, they are sooooo cute! Now Harley wants to get a goat again.

  16. Congrats on the babies. I look forward to your site everyday and now even more with the babies.

  17. They are absolutely adorable. I hope Louise is a wonderful nanny.

  18. Hooray and congratulations! They are so cute and little. And cuddly!

  19. Oh MY, MY, MY!!!!!
    Those little ones are SOOOO adorable!!!
    We're in love.
    xo, Katie & Glogirly


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