Monday, September 10, 2012

HELP My Friends Monday

Today I am doing something a little bit different.
I am re-introducing you to two of my friends and asking for your help.
You remember Sparkle and Katie?
They are two of my kitty friends and they are in a battle for Cat Ruler of the World with 4 other kitties.

Of course we all know that GOATS will be ruling the world but that is neither here nor there regarding this post.

The Chronicles of Zee and Zoey is sponsoring the Vote for Cat Ruler of the World and you can go there to see all of the details. The big Vote starts tomorrow on September 11th and runs through September 14th.

The big winners in this contest are shelter cats.

That's right. Shelter cats because all of the Catidates are campaigning for a different shelter.

Sparkle is campaigning for Tabby's Place - a shelter for special, special needs kitties. You can read about them by clicking on Sparkle's name above.

Katie is campaigning for the Blind Cat Rescue - a peaceful place for blind cats to live until they find their forever home. You can read about it by clicking Katie's name above.

You can read about the other kitties choice of rescue on the Zee and Zoey site.

The shelter prizes are:

5000 nutritious meals from Halo and to the winning shelter and 1000 meals to all runner up shelters, 2000 pounds of absorbent, natural whole-kernel corn litter fromWorld’s Best Cat Litter and 25 Trial Kits for each shelter to give away to new cat owners who have adopted a pet, a $250.00 financial donation and two cases of any choice of odor product, stain & odor product, or litter spray to the winning shelter and a spray bottle odor assortment to runner up shelters from Zero Odor, a $250 financial donation from PetPlan Insurance, an exclusive offer from NVR Miss Litterbox – for each limited edition “Cat Ruler of the World” litter box purchased, $10.00 of the proceeds will be donated to the winning shelter, and, a special offer fromZee and Zoey themselves – for each copy of their book purchased, The Chronicles of Zee and Zoey, $5.00 of the proceeds will be donated to the winning shelter!!

So you can see that all of the shelters will win from this great campaign! 

It is going to be hard for me to choose between my friends but I will because I want the shelter cats to get all of that good stuff. This is why I decided to do a HELP my Friends Monday post instead of a MEET my Friends Monday post - so that maybe some you could go and vote to help the shelter kitties.

All of us Happy Goats and Farm Cats would appreciate it.


  1. What an awesome post! I agree it is a tough choice - both Katie's and my rescues help special needs kitties. I happened to choose Tabby's Place because I think it is a model for other special needs sanctuaries (it even has its own in-house medical facility!) and I would love future rescues to follow their example. Thanks for spreading the word!

  2. They are all worthy candidates and it is awesome that shelters benefit. It is so hard to decide who to vote for!

  3. I'm glad that no matter which way the vote goes, there are winners!

  4. A great idea! (i love "catoberfest")
    So hard to choose though, as they are all worthy catidates.

  5. i am glad some cat shelter will get help!

  6. I will definitely vote but Oreo is cat ruler of the world (sorry Sparkle and Katie) no matter what this competition says.

  7. Wow, Pricilla!!! Thank you SOOOO much for featuring the great shelters that Sparkle and I have chosen to support in the campaign contest!

    They are both awesome rescues and do such important work.

    Glogirly and I have fallen in love with the kitties of Blind Cat Rescue and the amazing people that make it all possible. They also provide love and care for FEL+ and FIV+ kitties. Blind Cat Rescue has helped open peoples minds and hearts to adopting a blind cat. Blind cats don't know they're blind, they don't know they're different. They just know they're cats. The run, jump, play, eat, purr and love just like any other cat.

    Katie & Glogirly

  8. It really is a very hard choice. They are all good shelters and good people too. Too bad we can't just vote for all of them or split it between them.
    Take care.

  9. It's very difficult to choose between those two charities. Too bad they both can't win!


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