Saturday, September 29, 2012

Goats on Alert

It was a peaceful day in the pen until we heard a DOG barking in the distance.
We don't like dogs.
They chase us.
Louise was especially concerned because of Bruce and Clarence.
She was ON ALERT!

Did you see little Clarence drop down into the grass?
He is a smart boy!
Aren't they tiny kids?
Harry the Farm cat weighs around 7lbs so you can see how little my great grandkids are.
I thought it was cute how Harry and Clarence had a little nose kiss.
I hope you liked this movie!

If you can't see it here you can see it on YouTube HERE


  1. That's such a sweet video! Love how everyone was on high alert and then the Chicken had to crow and scare the bejeebers out of Clarence.

  2. That rooster scared my lady too! She had the sound up! hee hee heeeee

  3. Clarence, you are just too smart to get down low. It is just amazing how body language in animals is so strong. Clarence knew there was danger and the Chicken proved it. Great video.

  4. Smart kids to be on alert. Those dogs are scary!

  5. Damn chicken, scared the bajeepers outta me!! I think I ducked along with Clarence.

    WOWIE! Those babies ARE tiny! I think they would fit in very nicely in my small yard. ;)

  6. I love your videos and I even love the listing of credits at the end. I always watch for them. It is only right to give credit where credit is due.

  7. Gosh durn rooster gave me quite a fright! Had no idea the new kids were that small; and Harry and the sweet kid were wearing matching coats!

  8. Those baby goats are tiny! Even smaller than me!

  9. we didn't hear a dog, but it appears Clarence was ducking from the rooster. and he looks so cute next to Harry. we love your videos but we kinda miss the publicist yelling "JIM!!" hahaha

    we have been meaning to ask - how are Harry's chickens doing?

  10. We couldn't hear the dog so turned up the sound so the rooster scairt the beejeebers out of us too! Those kids are very little but we bet they grow fast!

  11. Oh MY!!! We didn't know they were so itsy bitsy!!! Even Harry is small at only 7 pounds! Now we REALLY want to snuggle those kids!!!
    ; ) Katie & Glogirly

  12. ...oh, and the rooster made me jump right off the bed I was lounging on. I guess it really works!
    ; ) Katie

  13. Wow, it really did show the size reality when near the cat! Amazing!

  14. Oh my goodness! I had no idea they were that small, even at first. What a great way to show it.

    Cutie patooties!

  15. They look smaller than the chickens! You are good a growing goats that look like cows.


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