Friday, September 14, 2012

Farm Cat Friday - Sherpa Takes Over the Blog!

Sherpa the Farm cat here.

It's been a long time since that publicist lady has let me write a post and I think it's been too long.

I have a new box.
THAT is breaking news if ever I have head any.
The male dude got some new shoes and I claimed the box.

As is my right.
I think it fits me quite well and do not believe all of these "fluffy" comments from these humans in my household.

I am a long-haired cat.
Of course I am fluffy!

This is what I think about them!
Yup! They are BORING.

They do not understand that a box should fit snugly.
Stupid humans.
At least they provide good food and treats.

It's time for my nap now.
I hope you all have a good weekend.

I'll be in my new box.

Oh, before I fall asleep I want to tell you that my beautiful (meerowrrr, meerowrrr) friend Sparkle is having a book signing pawty tomorrow:

Dear Sparkle book signing pawty graphic

You can click on the image above to get all of the details. Or read the twvite.
She is one beeeeoooootiful kitty cat!
I wish I could be there but I will be napping in my new box.


  1. Our kids always like to sleep in a nice snug spot too! I think it looks like a wonderful box. Of course, I'd prefer to snack on it instead of sleeping in it, but still...

  2. Sherpa, you are one handsome, long haired dude!! In the first photo, you almost look like a Lion!! Enjoy being boxed in!!

  3. that IS a nice new box. Just make sure some Harry-cat doesn't close the lid and try to ship you to timbuktu. :)

  4. Oh Sherpa, you are so handsome especially in your brand new box. And you fit just purrfect. Hope you have a great week end too.

  5. that looks like fine new accommodations for you!!

  6. Oh Sherpa, no you've got me yawning. It feels good. Enjoy your nap. I'm going to enjoy mine.

  7. Sherpa, it appears to us that there is PLENTY of space in that box and your peeps are dreadfully spacially impaired.

  8. Sherpa, we don't know what your the humans are talking about because we think you have plenty of room in that box! There might be enough room for us to join you in there too!

  9. What an awesome box, Sherpa! We haven't had any good shoe boxes come through here for a while... somebody around here needs to do some shopping!

    Thanks so much for the plug for my book signing party! If you can't get out of the box to attend, have the publicist pop by - we are giving away a copy of my book!

  10. It's a lovely box!!! Red is such a snappy color.
    ; ) Katie


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