Tuesday, September 4, 2012

AbbyDay - I Think AbbyDay Should be a National Holiday!

Don't you?

Of course you do!
No one can withstand the AbbyGoat Stare of Death!
So I think ALL of you should write to the President to petition for National AbbyGoat Day.

I'll wait....

Are you done yet?

Do you need more encouragement?
I can multitask - I can give the AbbyGoat Stare of Death and eat my corn husks at the same time. What more reason do you need for a special day for me?

I'll expect my letter from the President next week.
If not.....you don't want to know.


  1. Abby, I think a National AbbyDay is a great idea!

  2. Abby, when I write my letter to the President, do I address Pricilla as Madame President, or Ms President? That is who you meant, right Abby?

  3. I do hope you get your letter. That stare is quite intimidating.

  4. At least she'll always have her day on the internet!

  5. Abby Day has a nice ring to it!

  6. laughing at your multi-tasking. :)

  7. We are off to write that letter Abby. You keep right on doing what you are doing and that is eating. Take care.

  8. Abby Goat is one tough maa maa. They had better comply with her wishes.

  9. Abby, if you throw in your support for me as Cat Ruler of the World, I will make AbbyDay an INTERNATIONAL holiday! Deal?

  10. we will send a letter, but mom snickered something that sounded like "good luck"

  11. Abby, I think you might have some competition since it also should be National Tortie Day. Just sayin.


  12. I don't know, Abby.... I might be able to take you in a stare-down. ; )

    But you've got my support for Abby Day!!!

    ; ) Katie

  13. Good luck with the National Abby Day campaign. I think writing to the president is a great idea. Of course, I don't think he can give you every Wednesday. There are other things that must be recognized.


Maaaaaa away....


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