Tuesday, September 25, 2012

AbbyDay - I Tell You My Grandkids' Names

It's AbbyDay, the best day of the week. This AbbyDay is even better because there are AbbyGoat descendants on the Farm. The more AbbyGoats the better!

The new kids FINALLY have names.
It sure took the publicist long enough.
I don't know what is wrong with her.
You can't go around calling "Kid 1 and Kid 2."
Sometimes I really worry about her.

So without further ado, please meet Bruce and Clarence!

Bruce on the left, Clarence on the right

So named in honor of our Aunt Nora's favorite singer and his band.
Can you guess?
Of course you can. You are all very smart!
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.
The publicist likes them too, she says that at one time in her life she was Born to Run.
I don't see it now, she can barely walk.

They both spent all day yesterday down in the doe pen without incident.
Pricilla was even well behaved and allowed in.

Clarence is already proving to be an excellent stomper just like his Grandnanny.

And little Bruce has some serious rhythm when it comes to the Goat Dance of Joy!
All from MY genes of course.

My Louise is an excellent nanny.
I taught her well.


  1. bruce and clarence are perfect. the blog tech and his father go to as many of their concerts as they can!

  2. Clarence was my lady's Grandpa's name! I see that Clarence also has the "mark of the chicken" on his left side. I swear those chickens are trying to take over the world.

    We love the photos! Hooray!

  3. THey look like such happy kids! You did teach Louise well. :-)

  4. Bruce and Clarence are adorable. Looking forward to pictures of them growing up!

  5. great choices on the names. livin' on E(z) street. :)

  6. Those are such good names. And they are such cute kids. They sure learn how to do the goat stuff early. Love the pictures. Now we need a video. Take care.

  7. those are great names and seriously cute kids!!!

  8. Yay they have names! It's so cute seeing them stomp already! Fun times on the farm!

  9. They are absolutely adorable and I love Bruce and Clarence.

  10. With those names, the boys should form a band!


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