Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Sunset in Smoke

It has been a smokey few days around here.
We are lucky goats in that there are no fires real close by and we get to stay on our Farm.
In other parts of Montana there are animals that have to leave their Farms because of all of the fires burning. In Idaho and Washington too.

I think I would be sad if I had to leave my Farm.
The publicist would be sad too because the male person is Fire Chief and he would be off on the fire and she would have to figure out how to evacuate all of us.

The smoke in the air is scary enough.
The one thing it IS doing though is giving us some beautiful sunsets.
The publicist is NOT a good photographer.

But isn't it pretty?
The sun was really yellow and the sky was red.

The reflection on the river was magenta!
The publicist wishes her pictures showed how beautiful it really was.

It hasn't happened again since this night.
We rarely get beautiful sunsets and the publicist misses them so she was very excited.


  1. Many, many Blessing for a safe time to you all, luv! Do please keep us informed.....

  2. how beautiful. i hope the fires stay far away.

  3. Gosh, we sure hope those fires don't get over there to your farm. That would be so scary. We certainly will keep our paws and hooves crossed that that doesn't happen. Hope you have a super week end.

  4. Very beauitful! Hope they fires get put out soon and that they don't get anywhere near your farm.

  5. I am glad the fires aren't close! We went through that last year and it was very scary.The smoke was thick here because we had them in several directions.
    It is so pretty where you live.The Boy really wants to go to Montana one day.

  6. Positive energy heading your way for continued safe passage from the wildfires. Lovely photos!!

  7. I can only imagine how beautiful it is there. Photos rarely transfer things like that. :(

    I'm glad the fires are far enough away that you can stay where you are. But I'm sure the Publicist has an evacuation plan and you goats have practiced it many times, right? That sounds like a feat in itself!

    Keep safe, goat friends!

  8. i hate that they're still going on in so many places. i fear them here, too, as i'm often by myself w/ 4 dogs and 2 horses and no real means of evacuating all...

  9. we are glad you are safe and purr that everyone affected can stay safe too. those pictures were lovely, but mom certainly understands that sometimes the beauty just doesn't translate.

  10. Smokey skies do make for pretty sunsets. I hope you guys stay safe and that all these fires go away soon!

  11. Fires are so scary, I am glad that you all are not in danger of having to leave your home.

  12. It's amazing how something so dangerous and scary can create such beauty.

  13. We feel bad about the animals and people that have had to evacuate because of the fires. We are glad that there aren't any fires near you and we hope it stays that way!

  14. Stay safe. You can come see a nice sunset on my blog.

  15. Looks so serene. Siiiiigh. Stay safe. I really hope they don't get much closer to your farm!


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