Thursday, August 23, 2012

We ALL Get Some Russell's Pouts Leaves

As you all know AbbyGoat is a piggie goat.
She tried to STEAL our Russell's Pouts leaves.
She IS a robbergoat no matter what she might contend.
But the publicist stepped in and we all got to try these new kinds of leaves.

If it were up to me Abby could have them all.
I was NOT impressed. 
I completely understand why Russell is pouting.

I let the chickens have my pile and I went to eat pine needles.
Now Sarah and Jim the goats REALLY enjoyed these treats.
They jumped up on the spool and WENT TO TOWN!

Just look at Sarah.
Is she in Russell's Pout heaven or what?

Same with Jim.
Like nanny like kid I suppose.

Abby even gave them a look they were munching so madly.
Or she was trying to steal their pouts. One or the other.
Knowing Abby I would go with theft.

She did eventually get to eating her own pile of greens.
Although after all the ones she ate out of the box I am surprised she had room for more.
Abby NEVER misses a meal, though.

Thelma and Louise enjoyed them too.
I guess I am the only discriminating goat on the Farm.

It is good for Louise to eat lots of greens - her kid is due in a couple of weeks.
I can't believe I am going to be a GREATgrandnanny!

Even my studmuffin enjoyed the pouts.
I am alone in my dislike.

But the publicist snuck me some cauliflower leaves so I still got a treat.
She is so good to me.

I will leave these Russell's Pouts to the others. I will stick to what I know.


  1. So interesting that you goats have different tastes. I guess it makes sense, I just never thought about it before. I am glad you got the cauliflower leaves.

  2. so you don't like brussel sprout leaves but you will eat cauliflower leaves? you are a weird goat! haha!

  3. Oh Pricilla, we are so glad you got some other kind of leaves. That publicist takes good care of you for sure. Hope all have a great day. Can't wait for the new kid.

  4. You're probably right about Abby and the theft. ;)

  5. glad you got your own treat. we agree - Abby looks like she is up to no good. :)

  6. Maybe if the Publicist put some yummy cheese sauce on those leaves you might enjoy them more, Pricilla.

  7. well, they certainly didn't go to waste!

  8. NONE of this sounds appealing to me! I would rather have the chickens.

  9. We agree with Sparkle! :) We're glad the publicist gave you some special treats though Pricilla!

  10. Goats sure are picky eaters sometimes! My Madeline goat won't even eat APPLES or CARROTS!! I don't blame you for not wanting the Russell's Pout leaves though Pricilla and I'm glad the Publicist gave you another treat! :)

  11. My biggest goatie surprise was finding out what picky eaters they really were! :)

  12. Abby- that is pretty funny- but I'm glad you got something you do like. I can't believe you will be a great-grand-nanny


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