Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Piggie Has a Name and it's Bacon Bits

The publicist is a cheater.
She went on and on about the poll and picking the name of the piggie soap.
The minute she saw the name Bacon Bits she was in love and that was that.

She just knew that the little piggie soap was Bacon Bits.

Especially when she lined them all up.
So she picked the name SHE liked and that was that.

So I maaaaed at her that she was a dirty rotten CHEATER!
And I am making her give TWO of my rich soaps away.
I am not a cheater.
I am an honest goat!

So Texan will win a piggie soap since she submitted Bacon Bits as a name.
The poll picked Petunia so since that name was entered twice - once as just "Petunia" by Narcissa (Isobelle Golightly the Beautiful Goat's MaaaMaaa) and one as "Petunia the Pig" by Ozarks Goat Girl. I said in the rules that a person could only win one soap so I am going to award a soap of her choice to Narcissa!

I will contact the winners since I do not trust the publicist to do so.
I wonder what else she hides from me.....

But Bacon Bits the Pig soaps are available in my shop now! There are not too many yet because they are made one by one but there will be more as time goes by. 

I want to thank everyone who helped me name the piggie soap even if the publicist is a CHEATER!


  1. Bacon Bits looks like a very good shape for a soap, too!

  2. Ooo! My maa maa will be happy that Petunia was chosen. Congratulations to Texan for winning the Bacon Bits name! My lady said that as long as the soap doesn't smell like bacon that's a great name.... hee hee heee....

  3. Hurray for the winners! I voted for Bacon Bits, I think it is a perfect name hams down, er...hands down.

  4. I'm with Isobelle--I hope it doesn't smell like bacon! I don't like that smell. Especially because it lingers so long after you make it. blech.

    That is a very cute name!! Congratulations, Publicist, for picking your own winner! ;)

  5. That is a cute piggy! Congrats to the winners!

  6. WE love the name Bacon Bits. We just plain love the piggy soap. Have a super day.

  7. Well, sometimes those humans are just going to do what they want to do. No matter how much goat supervision you give them.

  8. Yeah :O)!!! Keeper and I are very happy we like that name :O). We like winning too tee hee :O)...

  9. dat is a good name....and made mom snicker. love the curly tail!!!

  10. This is the cutest shaped soap I have ever seen. I can't wait to get my bar--still thrilled Jim picked me!--but am getting pretty stinky as I vowed to not bathe until it arrived. I am thinking, though, that when it arrives it just might be too cute to use and I will have gone stinky for naught.

  11. That's a lovely name, and congrats to the winner. There is some suspicion that you were just hamming it up . . . :)

  12. Congratulations to the winners! Only trouble is, they are so cute, one would never want to actually use them for their intended purpose. :) But even a such a cute soap just to look at is a good thing!

  13. They are very cute, and the name is perfect.

  14. Concatulations to the winners!

  15. I will let you all know how cute Ms. Bacon Bits is as I just bought her!

    It's the perfect name and I can't wait to blog about it.


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