Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Movies with the Happy Goats

I have a movie for you today. It is from when we were enjoying our carrot greens!
Mmmmm, carrot greens.
It has an appearance by Flash.
There are several movies left for me to show you that have Flash in them so you will still get to see his little face.

If you cannot see the movie you can view it on YouTube HERE.

I hope you enjoyed this movie.
It seems the publicist is going to be bruised until Jim goes to HIS Farm in September.


  1. Goodness that looks like a lot of carrot greens. Why isn't Pricilla eating greens?? Guess she doesn't want to mess with those youngsters. They sure look like they are enjoying the treats.

  2. The "don't bite me" cracked me up! I have had to say that so many times myself!

  3. Those goats are eating their carrot greens with such intensity! The publicist should wear protective hockey gear to avoid bruises from Jim and his butting.

  4. Wow...listen to how quiet everyone is while they eat their greens!! Must be good.

    Oh, that Jim! He's a naughty boy. I'm gonna miss all those "OW" and "Don't bite/butt me"s when he's off to his new home.

    Poor Publicist!

  5. the publicist suffers for her art. :)

    some very happy and healthy goats there!

  6. Those greens sure do look yummy. I wish my lazy human had planted a garden for me.

  7. Everybuddy looks so peaceful eating their greens! We're not so sure that the publicist won't be delivering Jim to his new farm before September. :)

  8. you all certainly looked like you were enjoying those greens. but that Jim is a baaaaad goat. :)

  9. Say...I like greens! Mommy...bring some home!

    xx Sweet Pea

  10. I guess that Jim is a little butt-head... not to mention a little bite-head!


Maaaaaa away....


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