Friday, August 3, 2012

OK - It's Time to Name the Piggie Soap!

After much debate back and forth here are the five names the publicist and I (and the male person) have chosen for the poll on the piggie soap:

Hog Heaven
Bacon Bits

I want to thank everyone who put in such cute names for my new soap.

I know that whichever one wins it will be a good one!

Now for the winner of the random drawing!
It was a bit of a challenge for the publicist but we DO have a winner

If you cannot see the movie you can view it on YouTube HERE

Ozarks Goat Girl!

I will send out a piggie soap as soon as I have an address!
I will email Ozarks Goat Girl today to get it.
I hope she is happy!

The publicist is bruised.
She is NOT happy.

Be sure to vote in the poll on the right hand side of the blog. The winning name will be announced on Wordless Wednesday!

OK - the publicist is having trouble getting a poll on the blog. She said some very mean things about Blogger. So for now put your choice in the comments and hopefully she will get it sorted out before I have to censor the blog.


  1. My favorite is... Hog Heaven!

  2. I hope the publicist is okay after that chaotic name drawing!! What a video, lol!

    I vote for Bacon Bits!

  3. Jim, you are a very norty goat to make the publicist sore. Too funny. Loved the video and congrats to Ozarks Goat Girl. We like the name Hog Heaven too. That is a good one.

  4. She looks like a Petunia to me... Interesting way to have a drawing ... the last name remaining readable... Bad Goats!

  5. I personally think she looks like a lovely Daisy pig. I hope Jim got to eat the rest of the names since he worked so hard to pick the winner.

  6. Woo-hoo! Lalalalala! Hip hip hurray! I'm a winner today! Yea! Yea! yea! Thank you Jim! Hello to you Flash! Thank you publicist for braving the butting of cute but strong little goaties! I am so excited! But not too excited to remember to vote--I vote for Petunia!

  7. Ozarks Goat Girl! I don't have your email address. Can you send it to me please?

  8. Here's my e-mail address: Not gonna take a shower until this cute bar of soap arrives!!

  9. congrats to ozarks goat girl! i do believe i like petunia best.

    :) your laughter cracked me up.

  10. LMAO

    Didn't know goats liked paper so much!

  11. You goats sure were excited to pick a winner! That was a fun video (sorry it wasn't so fun for the publicist)! We like Petunia!

  12. I like Petunia for this pig - it suits her.

    Holding paper slips with names on them in front of goats is like holding out cat treats to kitties.

  13. PS
    Keeper said he votes for Bacon Bits too tee hee

  14. Hog Heaven! Congratulations to Ozarks Girl..

  15. Don't know why, but I like Orville

  16. I'm not seeing a poll on the right hand side of the blog, but I think Petunia is the perfect name.

  17. I vote for Hog Heaven. That little piggie looks downright blissful.

  18. I vote for Hog Heaven!

    I'm glad the publicist survived the drawing!!


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