Monday, August 6, 2012

Meet My Friends Monday - Small Town Mommy

It's Monday so it's time to meet another one of my friends!
This friend lives in a small town just like I do.
Although I think her small town is really a city compared to my town...

Please maaaa hello to Small Town Mommy and her Small Town Family including Oreo the Cat.

Oreo even has his own very special day on the blog called Oreo Monday.
Can you guess what day he appears?
I thought for a while and I guessed correctly!

Oreo likes to dress up or the Small Town kids like to dress Oreo up I forget which it is.
Oreo is obviously very patient.
Or very nipped.

Small Town Mommy writes about life in her small town and she has What the Hell Wednesday where she rants. I don't rant but I do MAAAAAAAAA when I am upset. I wonder if it is the same thing....

So please stop by and see what is going on in the Small Town. Today you will see all about the Small Town Mommy's trip to BlogHer. I would like to go to a blog conference but goats are not allowed on airplanes or in hotels or in taxis.

I think this is WRONG.
Don't you?


  1. Yes, Oreo really IS a patient cat about all that costuming!

  2. oreo is a beauty. thank goodness the farm cats don't have to get dressed!

  3. Oreo is awesome! If he had his own blog he would be a rockstar in the pet blogging community!

  4. Oreo is very very handsome. We are not crazy about being dressed up.
    What do you mean Pricilla, they won't let you on planes? That is just wrong. But you probably wouldn't like it anyway. Thanks for introducing us to this small town family.

  5. Oreo is very handsome! He's quite dapper too! We agree with Sparkle too!

    We don't understand why goats are allowed on airplanes or in hotels or taxis. Maybe you should petition to change the laaaaaaaaw.

  6. Goats not allowed on planes? I'm sorry but if they let small yappers on there (and crying babies), and drunk D-bags, what's a nice goat like you compared to that?

    So, anyway, I LOVE Oreo and Small Town Mommy! Yay for her tribute today!

  7. So wrong! You should be able to go to blog conferences!

  8. Oreo is a cutie! Glogirly wants to know..."Where's the cream filling???"
    ; ) Katie

  9. Thank you so much for featuring us! I think you would be a star at a blog conference. It is just wrong that you weren't invited. You should be an honored guest.

  10. goat discrimination is what it is!! I think a goat would be a lot of fun at a conference!

  11. Oh, we know Anne and Oreo!!! They are our friend too!


Maaaaaa away....


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