Monday, August 27, 2012

Meet My Friends Monday - Chuck

It's time to meet another of my friends and this one is human not fowl. Or foul for that matter. His name is Chuck and he just had a birthday so be sure to maaaa him a happy birthday when you visit his blog, Secondary Roads.

Chuck lives in a state called Michigan. I have never been to Michigan but it sure looks tasty - erm nice.
I know that my cousins are there as they visit Chuck's house now and again.

Chuck's wife, Sylvia is not too happy about this as they eat her garden.
They are not like me. I am a good goat. I do not eat the male person's garden.
The 8 foot fence has nothing to do with it.
It's because I am a good goat.

But back to my friend Chuck.
He writes about his life on his big Farm.
I would like to live on a BIG Farm.
Do you think Chuck would let me move in?

He let my friend Lin come and visit.

Maybe I could come and visit and not come back.
What do you think?

Never mind.....

But you all should go and visit Chuck on his BLOG. There is no snow on his blog....
So go and check out Secondary Roads.


  1. Chuck sounds nice! I think it would be fun to visit, but you should come back after visiting so the Publicist does not get sad missing you.

  2. He's friends with Lin too? Well, if you both say he's a goodie, then he's a goodie.

  3. cool - someone new to visit. thanks.....and yeah, having lived in Michigan before we recognize those snow banks and shiver....

  4. That is a very nice blog but we haven't been there is many a moon and need to go. Thanks for telling us about Chuck. That snow is pretty tall. If you go to visit Pricilla, go in the summer. Take care.

  5. Oh Pricilla, do come visit me. I have cabbage leaves for you. ò¿ó

    There's no snow here now. The weather is very nice. Really, it is.

  6. Wow, you featured a human, Pricilla! You are getting risque in your dotage... or was the the cabbage leaves? ;-)

  7. Maybe Chuck could come visit you Pricilla. We bet he'd love that!

  8. Chuck and his big farm sound great, but what about your publicist??? What about Harry the farm cat???

    Glogirly lived in Michigan and hated it. Granted she lived in Detroit. Probably a far cry from a cool farm out in the country. ; )

    xo, Katie

  9. Oh, Pricilla, you would LOVE to be at Chuck's house--it's soooo pretty there! There are cows to look at and some chickens far away (but you can hear them). His garden is lovely and if you climb just a bit, you can get in there and nibble on some yummy things. Vanilla's wife did--and she is not a goat.

    I like your "meet my friends" Mondays. They are very interesting and fun!


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