Thursday, August 16, 2012

Goats Being Goats

I have another movie for you!
I hope you like it....

If you cannot see the movie you can view it on YouTube HERE

Wasn't that a funny ending?
I thought so.
Poor publicist.
She does a lot of yelling like that around here.

Wasn't it nice to see little Flash?
He is doing well!
The publicist heard from his new Farm.


  1. *hee-hee-hee-hee-hee......*

    Yes, indeed. Goats being goats!

  2. Its good to know Flash is doing good at his new home :O)

  3. I bet he is butting folks at his new home too,lol!

  4. Poor publicist! But it was kinda funny... heehee.

  5. mom is trying really hard not to laugh (it isn't working).... when does Jim leave for his new farm? have they been warned of his need to butt people?? we think he is gonna need a warning label. :) Though we did find it fun to watch the little boy goats trying to imitate the big girls.... fun!!!

  6. That was fun to see those silly goats. They do have a good time. The ending was hysterical. I bet that Jim had a good talking to and maybe a little more than just talking. Bad goat. Butt the other goats. Great video.

  7. Kids of whatever species are always getting into trouble. But oh what fun they have! Hope the publicist is A-OK.

  8. they treat you just like one of the goats!

  9. Oh yes, you have to watch your butt, or any part of you with these silly, mischievous goats. They are such fun to daily laugh, along with The Daily Cute!
    Meeowws for billy goats!

  10. We bet the publicist's legs are black and blue all the time! We did enjoy watching the goats be goats and next time it might be watching them from behind a closed door! :)


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