Friday, August 24, 2012

Farm Cat Friday - Harry the Farm Cat "Guards" (?) the Chicks

As you all learned on Meet My Friends Monday there are some new chicks running around the yurt. Well, they are not really running around the yurt - they are living in a box in the yurt.

In one of OUR goat coats!
The little chicks are growing and stinking up the place doing just fine according to the publicist. They now don't need to cuddle up IN the goat coat, they just sleep and poop endlessly ON the goat coat.

The publicist is very thankful for the "sanitary wash" cycle of her washer.
But she and I digress.

This is Farm Cat Friday so I need to be maaaaing about the Farm cats.
Specifically Harry the Farm Cat.
Hunter extraordinaire!
He knows there is prey in his house.

He is no dummy cat!
He jumped right up on the woodstove to investigate all of that peeping.

He was SHOCKED to find dinner in a box in his house.

REALLY, publicist.
You bring me live dinner into the house and you won't let me near it.
This is not to be borne!

I will drool watch over these chicks for you and make sure the other Farm cats don't get them.
That's it!
That's what I am doing, meows Harry.

Don't worry little chickens, you are safe with me.
I am not a cat that counts my nuggets chickens before they are fried hatched.


  1. No No Harry that is NOT your dinner. They are way too cute to eat. So just snooopervise them and make sure they are all right. Too cute.

  2. LOL! These chicks sound like they have created quite a few peckish problems!!

  3. i wonder if peeps can have anxiety?

  4. we wondered what the farm cats thought about those chickens.... :)

  5. i can only imagine the chicks are terrified!

  6. Poor Harry so close and so tasty and so unreachable!

  7. Alas poor Harry. The indignity of it all.

  8. Harry looks like he is just waiting for a chance to get in there!

  9. And who says they don't have food delivery in your neck of the woods!

  10. Poor Harry! Dinner in a box! LOL!!

  11. It's almost like ordering take out. Harry will wait very patiently until his time comes.

  12. Chicks in a goat coat and cats babysitting chicks LOL... there is a post for ya LOL

  13. Oh NOES!! Save the chicks! Bad, Harry, BAD!! DO NOT eat the chicks!!

    (I'm closing my eyes. Please tell me when the coast is clear)

  14. Twas how Col. Sanders got started.........


    Chickens do poop. That's a fact!


  15. Harry does look a bit hungry there.


Maaaaaa away....


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