Thursday, July 26, 2012

Talk About a Goat Snack!

You know I tell you on a regular basis how the publicist spoils us.
Well she has gone above and beyond!
She has given us a WHOLE TREE!

Just look at how big it is!
Don't I look surprised?
Isn't she just the best?!

A man came and cut it down for us.

He is a friend of the male person.
He did a very good job and now we have lots to munch.

Mmmmm, pine.
One of my favorite snacks!
You will see more about this in the coming days.
Oh, excuse me.

You can see a movie of the tree falling on the publicist's blog HERE

The publicist wanted me to maaaa a thank you from her for all of the birthday wishes yesterday. They made her smile.


  1. It looks like you goats will be eating tree for quiet some time!

  2. Oh that does look like good eating, that is for sure. The goats that used to live here used to love Pine. They would stand on their hind legs and try to reach the branches. Lots and lots of good eating for all of you goats. Take care.

  3. And you will all smell so pine-fresh!

  4. that is a lotta tree you have there..... enjoy!!

  5. That was very kind that the male person and his friend cut down that giant tree for you. Glad to see everyone is dedicated to keeping the goats happy.

  6. That is a huge tree-t! Do you think you can actually eat it all?

  7. big old tree! assuming it was unsafe and needed to be felled?

  8. oh no...i missed the birthday! sorry and a late happy birthday and i hope you share your tree with her.

  9. Wow! That is almost as awesome as a big catnip harvest!

  10. Hope you keep your goatly figure after munching on that huge tree!

  11. A whole tree! Wow, don't tell any of the goats here or they will be looking for the chain saw :O)


Maaaaaa away....


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