Monday, July 30, 2012

Meet My Friends Monday - The Krazy Kats from Katnip Lounge

It has been crazy here and I have not introduced you to any new friends for a couple of weeks. That is changing today! I would like you to meet my friends from Katnip Lounge!

There are 13 of them!
KonaKitty,  b'day 7/4/1997  Rupert, b'day 4/20/2005

The Baby,  b'day 4/30/2000  Sweet Pea,  b'day 1/31/2007

Grayce, b'day 2/2/2003

Johnson, b'day 5/5/2003

Felix, b'day 7/4/2004 CC,  b'day 5/23/2007

Scouty,  b'day 5/23/2007 Maui,  b'day 3/26/2007

May Ling,  b'day 8/3/2008  Salem,  b'day 1/14/2009
Sylvester, b'day 4/4/2003

Kona Kitty, Rupert, The Baby, Sweet Pea, Grayce, Tiny Johnson, Felix, Scouty, CC, Maui, May Ling, Salem and Sylvester

That is a LOT of cats! They are Happy Cats like we are Happy Goats.
Well, they can be snarky but that is OK, they are cats.

They live with their mommy and daddy and like to chase the evil hummerbird.

They are hosting the Counter Surfing Event of the 2012 Cat Olympics so be sure to go and check it out!

I hope you liked meeting all of my cat friends. You should check out their blog - Katnip Lounge - it is very funny!


  1. OMC!!! What a surprise! Thank you SO MUCH for featuring us as your friends today...we'll never make snarky remarks about you eating greens again.

    Hugs & headbutts from alla US!

  2. teddy would go crazy with all of those kitties!

  3. they're all beautiful! love those big maine coons!

  4. Those are very funny cats and so are the Mom and Dad. They do lots of silly things. We do enjoy their blog. Too bad they don't have a goat to keep them straight.

  5. I love all the Katnip Lounge kitties! They are very funny - I actually nominated them for Funniest Blog in the Petties and was surprised they were not finalists.

  6. We love all the kitties at the lounge and of course we love Momkat Trish and Crazypants daddy too!

  7. Those Katnip Lounge kitties are the greatest!


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