Monday, July 2, 2012

Meet My Friends Monday - Darla Rose Caprine

I don't know where time is flying but it sure is.
I cannot believe it is July.
Before I introduce you to my friend for this week I want everyone to maaaa a Happy Birthday to the publicist's niece Sarah. She is the very special girl that provided the name for Sarah the goat! Her birthday was yesterday but I don't blog on Sundays any longer because I am an old goat and I need a day off.

My friend this week is Miss Darla Rose Caprine - a very lovely goat who is great friends with Ms. Mimi Foxmorton. Mimi has a blog called The Goat Borrower. Mimi wanted a goat but she lives in a city where she cannot have one so she borrows goats. Then a farmer gave her Darla and she cares for her at the farm and takes Darla to all kind of events.

I want to go to an event.
This is Darla at the Gooseberry Fair.
Darla loves to get all dressed up.

Mimi also created the Magical Capra Blanket - you should read all about it. It was a worldwide effort to make a blanket for Darla to wear at the Yule. I sent in goat beads to help decorate it!

Mimi also started The Sisterhood of the Goat on Facebook where all goat loving people - yes it is for humans - can get together and chat and exchange information. I don't see why I can't be a goat sister. After all I know more about goats than humans! Harumph!

She also gave the publicist and me this award. Isn't it pretty?
We both thank her for it.

So go over and visit Mimi's blog, maaa to Darla and become one with the Sisterhood of the Goat. Even you cats can visit.....


  1. Happy birthday to Sarah! Thanks for telling us about your friend Darla. She is a pretty goat!

    May you have a special and magical day! xo

    As for this post....oh, my! We have tears in our eyes! Our goatie friends that we have met over the last year and a half have become soooooo special to us! I never would have imagined when I was all alone and wanting a wee goatie that THIS would all happen!

    Thank you! Thank you, soooo much!

    And Pricilla, you CAN be a in the Sisterhood! After all, we all wouldn't be together if it wasn't for all the special goats! xo

    Have a lovely, lovely day.........
    You are much loved!

    *huggies and kisses*

    Mimi and Darla

    ps. I AM rather pretty, aren't I?

  3. Happy Birthday to Sarah. Hope she has a most wonderful day.
    What fun to meet a new goat. We sure will go right over and meet Darla. And we would love to join the sisterhood of goats even if we don't have a goat right now.Thanks for the introduction. This is fun.

  4. I love Mimi and Darla,they are always having some kind of fun!

  5. i love that 'sisterhood' photo. :) makes me laugh every time i see it.

  6. Happy Birthday, Sarah! Darla definitely looks festive in her fair outfit. Maybe you could go out to events and sell some of the publicist's amazing soap. You would definitely draw attention at a craft fair.

  7. Happy Birthday to Sarah! Darla is adorable :)

  8. We should start our own Sisterhood. The Sisterhood of the Humans for all of us goats with such wonderful humans.

  9. My human really likes the "goat borrower" idea. I am not so sure - anything that takes her out of my supervision is suspect.

  10. Happy Birthday Sarah!

    Darla is a very pretty goat! Our mommy didn't know you could borrow goats. We're not sure it's a good thing for her to know! :)

  11. That blanket is phenomenal! And I love your goat community. That is neat!

  12. Oh, I would like to be a goat borrower too!! I wonder who has got a goat around here that I could borrow???

    I like that Darla--she is a snappy dresser!

    Happy Birthday, Sarah! I hope you get a goat for your birthday. ;)

  13. Happy Birthday to Sarah!!!
    We just love those beautiful outfits and headpieces...SO gorgeous!!! Glogirly's got this thing about goats. She thinks they are SO cute. Me, I just don't get it. I mean she's got ME after all. Guess I'll never understand her.

    ...I hope those flowers and ribbons don't give her any ideas!
    ; ) Katie

  14. Happy belated birthday to Sarah!
    I love Miss Mimi and Darla Rose! Thanks for introducing them to your friends! :)


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