Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jim the Goat DEMANDS Attention

As you saw yesterday Jim the goat lets the publicist know if she is not paying sufficient attention to him. She has to be very careful and always know where he is or she gets butt.

Sometimes he surprises her.
Sometimes she says naughty words.

But overall Jim the goat is a very cute boy.

Don't you think?
Of course I am not just maaaing this because he is my grandkid.

It's because he is adorable!
He does still have some issues with what does and does not constitute a goat snack.

The publicist is NOT a goat snack.

We thought he understood this but apparently he does not.
He is now taking even bigger bites out of her.
I do not understand this.
Publicist does NOT taste good.
GRAIN and APPLES taste good.

Jim is one strange kid.
But cute.

Definitely cute!


  1. he sure is cute! i almost hate to ask he staying?

  2. Awww. I would think you'd have to keep your eyes open for that guy! He sure could head butt--yikes! But it's all for love, right? Forgiven!

  3. He certainly is very very cute. He is just a boy goat. So he is forgiven. Take care.

  4. Cute, but naughty! Definitely cute!

  5. yikes - kids, what can you do?? MOL mom says about the kittens here - it is a good thing they are cute cause it gets them out of trouble (most times). Mom just isn't sure about being butted by those horns..... :)

  6. he is so naughty! thank goodness he's cute!

  7. Look at those ears!!! Definitely cute!

  8. Silly Jim! Cuteness forgives many transgressions! :)

  9. Jim IS a cutie! Though he does seem to have some weird habits.


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