Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's Name the Piggie Day - and a Giveaway!

Remember I told you about a new soap that the publicist is making for my shop?

A cute little piggie soap!

Well the first of the little piggies are ready for sale!
But we don't have a name for them.
That is where YOU come in!

I want YOU to name the piggie!
This will be an easy giveaway - here are the rules:

List your piggie name in the comments
You can enter up to three name choices just be sure to put each name in a separate comment.
Be sure to have your names in by 8/1.

On 8/1 the publicist and I will pick out our favorite 5 names and then I will post a poll.
The name that wins the poll will be the name of the piggie! Then the new soaps will be listed in my shop for sale. I will have a SPECIAL SALE to celebrate!

I will give away TWO piggies; one to the person who provides the winning name and one to a random entrant. The same person cannot win the two piggies so it can be fair. I always try to be a fair goat. Not like Abby.....

Isn't that exciting?!
I think so!

We are celebrating today because it is the publicist's birthday - she is one OLD publicist!
So be sure to pick out cute names and enter.
I will look forward to reading your entries!


  1. Oh I am not good at naming things. I tried to find the names of the three little pigs but they didnt have names.
    So I will go with 'Oink'. 'Rooter'

    Surely some more clever people will do better than that.
    Take care.

  2. I'm with Marg--NOT good at this. I will enter this: Hog Heaven. It's a term I use frequently.

    Happy Birthday to you, dear Patty! I sure hope you have a wonderful day--with no head-butts from Jim or anything crazy like that! ;)

    Hey--you and Joe are birthday twins!!

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday to the Publicist. Now, Pricilla, she is not OLD...she is seasoned like a fine soap!

    My Piggy name entry: Flora

  4. Isobelle votes for "Orville", Narcissa would like "Petunia", The sheep are kind of fond of "Marilla" or "Marguerite".

    I haven't asked the horses yet. hee hee

  5. Happy birthday to the publicist. I hope you will treat her right. How about Wilbur?

  6. Pricilla, My Daddy had a pet pig when he was a boy, he even carried her picture in his wallet. Dad would have been 84 this year.
    I would like you to name your new piggie soap "JANE" like my dad did.

  7. pricilla would have been the PERFECT piggie name. alas...

    happy birthday to your OLD publicist! :)

    my name entrant is Wanda. :)

  8. third one is Francine (Francine the Porcine) tee hee.

  9. Happy Birthday to the publicist!!

    Name: Matilda

  10. our second choice would be: Daisy

  11. Remember Ferdinand from the Walt Disney cartoon? The piggie looks like Ferdinand with his flower. :)

  12. Happy birthday to the publicist! My human is terrible at naming anything - I lucked out with my name, but I would like to be entered in the random drawing!

  13. Happy Birthday to the publicist.

    How about Florina

  14. or how about

    Bacon Bits :O)

  15. Happy Birthday to the publicist! Hope she has a great day!

    We'll pick Charlotte for the pig's name!

  16. She also looks like a Matilda.

  17. How about "Petunia the Pig."

  18. My first thought was also Petunia,but I'll go with Emma instead.

  19. My second choice would be "Stinky", but that probably wouldn't sell very well.
    From the blissful look on the piggie's face, I think it is smelling peaches cooking,(that puts a blissful smile on my face) so lets go with "Peaches"

  20. I guess my third name choice will be "Connie". It's for the look of contentment.

  21. I forgot to put my e-mail address on the 3rd name choice!


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