Friday, July 27, 2012

Farm Cat Friday - Sherpa, Sherpa, Sherpa

Today it's all about Sherpa.
He was a bit put out that last week Harry got all of the blog attention.
Silly Sherpa.
Everyone love you even if you are not on the blog!

How could they not love that sweet, orange face?
I know you make the publicist smile.

But I think that is because of the way you sleep.
How in the world is this comfortable?
You look like a catzel!

Your face is all mushed up in the corner.
Can you breathe?

I guess you can because you rolled over and grabbed your catnip heart from Sparkle.
You love that heart!
I've seen you get very erm, aggrieved when somecat tries to play with it!

But I know you are happiest out in the sun, soaking up the warm rays.
I don't blame you there!
Basking is what a goat does best.


  1. Sherpa is so pretty! That is so cute how he is stingy with his catnip!

  2. Hi there Sherpa. That does look like a special heart that Sparkle gave to you. Love the pictures. We think you look kind of comfy. Take care.

  3. We love Sherpa! He's so handsome and floofy and we love that he's the type of Mancat who likes to play with catnip hearts! *swoon*

    Angel & Isabella

  4. Catnip, sun and a box top ... what more could any cat need?

  5. maybe you sleep in such strange positions because you are hitting the catnip a little too hard!

  6. All my favorite kitty pals are showing up on blogs written by their stafflings. I'm so happy to see them and to know they are doing well.

  7. "catzel" hahaha

    We love you lots Sherpa!!!

  8. We always love Sherpa! There's just something about yellow kitty attitudes!

  9. Sherpa, don't listen to Pricilla (or the publicist) - they have NO idea how comfy it is to be a catzel! I'm really happy to see you are enjoying the nippy heart I picked out especially for the prize basket I sent you! Purrs...

  10. Mommy would like some mustard on her Catzel, please.
    ha ha ha!

  11. Sherpa is such a handsome boy! I love me an orange kitty!!!


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