Friday, July 20, 2012

Farm Cat Friday - Harry Does NOT Like the Heat

It has been hot lately.
We goats have not found it too bad.
We have been drinking a lot of water but we prefer the hot to the cold.
But we do not have to wear fur coats like the Farm cats.

I feel sorry for them!
Farm cat Harry has been trying to stay as cool as possible.
He sleeps in a funny position.

The publicist thought he was DEAD!
She ran over to check on him and saw he was breathing.

He did not even open his eyes while she took these pictures.

He just slept right through it all.

Like a hot, furry lump o'cat!
Poor Harry!
He much prefers the nights when it cools down.
Then he runs around like a maniac cat.


  1. hahahahaha....he is too funny!!! hey, whatever it takes to stay cool in this stinking hot weather. teddy is miserable.

  2. All the kitties here do the same thing trying to stay cool. They are cooling their bellehs as Daisy would say. We are a tiny bit cooler right now thank COD. Take care.

  3. yep - we were doing that too when our cold air thingie wasn't working. spud sends his sympathies to Sherpa & Pumpkin - those fuzzy guys gotta stick together...

  4. Poor Harry looks like it's over for him. I'm glad it's not. I'd hate to lose another feline friend this year. Hope the publicist is keeping her cool. :)

  5. Harry is so cute! He must really trust the publicist to show his belly that way.

  6. I love maniac cats, they crack me up! Harry is so handsome.

  7. We don't like the hot weather. We'd be like Harry!

  8. We are like Harry when it gets too hot - sleeping all day, and running around like mad at night! Since my human is a night person, this actually works out and w do not get yelled at.

  9. ha ha ha!!! Mommy yells "DEAD CAT!" whenever she sees one of us belly up like Harry.

  10. I KNOW the feeling... Just making sure all the right parts are cool. Where's my space?


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