Friday, July 13, 2012

Farm Cat Friday - The Farm Cats Say Thank You to Sparkle

The Farm cats were very lucky!
They won a prize during Sparkle's Cat World Domination Day - otherwise known as her birthday - and it arrived!

Stinky was the only cat in the house when the publicist opened the box.
She gave it a very thorough look-see.

She was most interested in the basket.

In fact she REALLY liked the grass inside.
You do not want to know what the publicist said about the mess she made.
She did have some fun though.

The basket was full of lots of fun cat stuff!
The publicist has not given everything to the Farm cats yet - she does not want to spoil them. She did give them the Kitty Kaviar.

It was a BIG hit!

Three out of four Farm cats almost bit her fingers off!
Don't worry - she still has all ten of her fingers but a little less blood.
She will live.

Sherpa was quite fond of the red stuffed heart.
He sleeps with it AND WILL NOT SHARE.
It is not nice to not share.

Harry was greedy with the catnip ball.
He was not the only one.
But it is very hard to steal it from him!

He also likes the colorful mousies.
We know how much Harry likes mousies!

The Farm cats would like to meow a very big THANK YOU  to Sparkle for this wonderful basket of toys. They are enjoying them a LOT.

I would like to remind you to vote for Sparkle and all of my friends for the Pettie awards.
In fact, as part of Sparkle's birthday party she also made a donation to the Farm Cat's choice of shelter. They picked AniMeals a wonderful organization here in Montana. Sparkle is running a survey right now to pick the shelter that will get the monies if Sparkle wins the Pettie. I have nominated AniMeals (they also help GOATS!) and would love it if you could go vote for them too! Even if Sparkle does not win the Pettie she will have a chip in widget on her blog for the month of August for the shelter that wins the most votes. So please go and vote for AniMeals.....

And be sure to vote for all of my friends for Petties:

Katie and Glogirly
Daisy the Curly Cat
Your Daily Cute

I have the widget on the right of my blog to make it easy to do every day!


  1. Those look like some mighty fun toys. Looks like everyone has claimed one for themselves.
    Glad you told us about that shelter that helps goats too. We sure will go vote for that one. Take care.

  2. What lucky kitties! It does look like they are enjoying their prize!

  3. OMC - what fun. And don't worry Sherpa - we vote that you get to keep the heart all to yourself. :)

  4. That's a great prize from Sparkle! It looks like there was something for everykitty!

  5. that is a basket full of fun! how cute!

  6. Cats and boxes and toys and catnip! How positively purrrrfect!

  7. So many wonderful treats for your cat friends!

  8. I'm so glad you kitties enjoyed the basket of fun! And I made sure the "grass" was paper (not plastic) so that you guys could enjoy it! Wasn't that thoughtful of me - I also gave your human something to do (cleaning up the mess, of course!).

  9. Con-cat-ulations on winning such a fun basket of kitty toys! That was very nice of Sparkle to give the basket and the donation to celebrate HER birthday! :)


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