Thursday, June 7, 2012

Through a Glass, Dark Goat

The publicist thinks she is so funny.
She was sitting at her dining room table and she looked out her window and what did she she but....

AbbyGoat stuffing her face.
We were ALL out for a graze but Abby eats like a pig with enthusiasm.

Do you think she could stuff any more grass into her mouth?
I do not.
You will also note that I am nowhere to be seen.
I am not a dumb goat.

When AbbyGoat is hogging the green I stay far, far away.
I do NOT want to get butt.

Sarah and the kids showed up soon - they have more courage than I do.

Those little ones are sure growing big, aren't they?

Won't be long before Jim goes to his new Farm in September. We will miss him. So far Flash does not have a home and Louise will be having her kid in September so it will still be a Farm with lots of fun going on.

And pretty sites to see.

And AbbyGoat....darn.


  1. a restaurant with a view. you sure are lucky goats!

  2. Those two boy kids sure are growing. Glad Jim has a good home to move on with his life. Those are some mighty fine views that you goats have. Have a great day.

  3. AbbyGoat eats with....enthusiasm!!

  4. wow - what a view - yes, even with Abby in it. MOL

  5. AbbyGoat's reputation as a good eater is known far and wide!

  6. Looks like plenty of yummy greenery there to eat!

  7. The farm is beautiful. Since the goats eat the grass, does that mean lawn mowing isn't required?

  8. Dear Goaties, you have such a beautiful place! :)

  9. You goats are missing out - I bet there are lots of tasty mouses to hunt in all that grass!

  10. We eat with enthusiasm too! Your farm is so pretty. We're glad the sun is finally shining!

  11. Oh, yummy yum! I'm jealous! I get all nervous when my lady wants to take me out of my paddock and I forget to eat.

  12. Everyone does look like they are quite happy!

  13. You goats sure have a beautiful view!! Do you ever look up from eating to notice it?!? LOL!!

  14. I know a couple others who will remain nameless that "eat with enthusiasm."
    ; ) Katie


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