Saturday, June 2, 2012

Movie Redux

The publicist is still not feeling well so I am giving you another oldie but goodie today. She promises that she will be "up and at 'em" for my Monday post. I hope so. I am tired of her excuses.

Does everyone have their popcorn?
Are you comfortable in your seat?
I ask because it is time for

Movies with the Happy Goats

Today's movie stars me, Pricilla! I am in a joyful mood and I think it shows. Enjoy the movie!

I sure hope that you enjoyed today's movie I had fun performing for you. 

This makes me hope the publicist gets a new computer soon so I can star in more movies!


  1. Pricilla, you are indeed an intrepid movie star. So light on your feet! and speedy, too! I look forward to more film action.

  2. Gosh, sure hope that the publicist feels better soon. Wow, Pricilla, you were running really fast. Bet that was fun. Feel better Mom.

  3. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Or I mean the publicist does :O).

  4. oh, that made me giggle! sure hope the publicist is giggling again, soon!

  5. Humans are fragile things, aren't they, Pricilla? I hope the publicist is better soon!

  6. I think you are destined to be a big star Pricilla!! I hope the Publicist is feeling better today!

  7. We need a *like* and *cute* button! :)

  8. We watched it over and over Pricilla! You make a great action star! We hope the Publicist is feeling better!

  9. What joy to feel free and happy and run with abandon! I remember those days well. :-)


Maaaaaa away....


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