Friday, June 22, 2012

A Little Visitor

Every year the robins build a nest on the publicist's outside light.
Every year the robins have babies.
Every year the robins fly around looking for icky bugs to feed their babies.

This year I have PROOF!

This is either the mommy robin or the daddy robin.
I am a goat not a robin identifier.
He or she would land on the mini-mountain every morning and just sit and look around before it flew up to the nest.

It would look left.

It would look right.

I think it knew it was being stalked by the paparazzi!
I hope the two baby robins enjoyed that disgusting worm.
Being a vegetarian goat I do not eat icky worms.

The mommy and daddy robin were very good parents.
I will say that.
Both babies flew the nest yesterday.
Another good year in the robin world at the Farm.


  1. i am inundated with robins that scream at me when i walk into THEIR gardens. every year i get one that falls in love with it's reflection and dive bombs my windows for weeks.

  2. We don't have that many robins here. We have mainly those darn mocking birds. And they will dive bomb cats and people. Love the robin pictures. He/she looks very proud of the catch.Take care.

  3. Pricilla, I agree...worms are icky. Male robins have vivid orange breasts and black heads. Females are pale orange with gray heads. They are both excellent parents, just like goats!!

  4. not so sure about the worms, but glad the babies did so well.....

  5. I think worms are icky - give me a moth or cricket any day!

    I wish robins would build a nest here - I could use some really good Bird TV.

  6. awww! congratulations happy robin family!

  7. How exciting! I'm glad you did tell Harry or Sherpa about the robin.


Maaaaaa away....


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