Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Farm Cat TUESDAY?!

It has come to our attention that today is a VERY important day.
A day that could not be ignored.
Even for AbbyDay.

(Thank you Ann from ZOOLATRY for the image!)

It is International Box Day!
So we have moved Farm Cat Friday to Tuesday and AbbyDay will be on Friday.
Are you as confuzzled as I am?

I decided to show this photo of Sherpa in a box on the male person's lap because I think it is funny.

Also the publicist is again not feeling well and was too tired to take a new picture.
Sherpa LOVES this box and even though it is not still on the male person's lap like this

he still spends a lot of time in it.
The publicist has it set next to Pumpkin's favorite box in an area of the yurt she calls "kitty city."

The male person is NOT amused.

I hope all of you cats out there enjoy your International Box Day.
Me, I would rather just eat them.


  1. Gosh, sure sorry to hear that the publicist isnt feeling well. Sounds like she needs to go to the vet, so load her up Pricilla.
    Those box pictures are just terrific. We love Sherpa in the box on the Male person's lap. Take care.

  2. Pricilla, tell the publicist to feel better quick! And cats around the world should be celebrating in every book they can find....I mean WITH every box, certainly not IN every box, if you know what I mean.

  3. Please don't eat Sherpa's box! he's so cute in there.
    We're purring BIG time for the publicist!

  4. The human here is always talking about our Snickers the farm cat sleeping in little boxes he shouldn't even fit in. :-) Silly kitties!

  5. good thing Sherpa's box is safe in the yurt - he is certainly very cute in it!!

    tell the publicist to get better soon!

  6. too cute. well worth a repeat.

    (feel better, publicist!)

  7. Kitties do love their boxes. I'm feeling a bit sad just now. We took Midnight's favorite box to recyling on Saturday.

  8. Box day may as well be called Kitty in a Box Day.

    Hope the publicist feels better real soon.

  9. International box day is definitely kitties' favorite day. I love those photos of Sherpa and don't care if they are repeats. They are still really cute. I hope the publicist feels better soon!

  10. I love that photo of Sherpa with the male human!

  11. These photos are cracking me up!

    I hope the publicist gets well soon!

  12. We have plenty of boxes for the celebration, but no cat any more.

  13. Our Bob cat always enjoys sitting in any available box!
    I hope the Publicist is feeling better soon!


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