Friday, June 15, 2012

Farm Cat Friday - STARE DOWN: Happy Goats Farm

It happened one cloudy day.
One cloudy day on the Farm.
Two Farm cats faced off.
They faced off on the cloudy day.
They faced off on the Farm.

Why did they face off?
We will never know.
But there they sat.

Until the orange one was distracted by a MAAAAAA from a kid.
A MAAAAAA that pierced the silence of the face off on that cloudy day.
On the Farm.

Then the tuxedo cat knew he had won the face off.
The face off on the cloudy day.
On the cloudy day on the Farm.

And so he walked away.
On the cloudy day.
On the Farm.
So he did.


  1. Queue the theme music....

  2. Glad the face off ended peacefully. My cat came home with a big clump of fur in her mouth after a face off in our yard...

  3. Good job Harry winning that face off. It is so good when those things end peacefully. Hope all have a great week end.

  4. That face-off could have gone on for hours longer on a cloudy day at the Farm; thankfully a kid stepped in and we all are happy again!

  5. Glad that it ended peacefully. Thank goodness the kid broke the tension.

  6. who knew kids were good referees. good job Harry.....we knew you would win!

  7. Well, that was a boring ending. How come there wasn't a big battle? or some hissing and spitting and arms-a-flailin'?

  8. An epic battle of wills! Way to go Harry!

  9. We are more into action, less into face-offs here.

  10. I wonder what set that scenario in motion.

  11. phew.

    That could have ended quite badly.
    On the Farm.

  12. MOL!!!
    I love a good stare down.
    ; ) Katie

  13. MOL! Wouldn't Harry have been surprised if Sherpa then came up behind him after he won the stare down? Thanks for the giggle today. We needed it.


Maaaaaa away....


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