Friday, June 1, 2012

Farm Cat Friday - A Look Back

The publicist is not feeling well so we are re-running a post today. It is the post where we first met Sherpa the Farm cat. He is a little, tiny kitten in this post. It is hard to believe that this big fluffy Farm cat

was ever this tiny.
So please enjoy this look back:

We have a new Farm cat! 

 The publicist is having some difficulties in coming up with a name for this little cutie. He was a complete surprise from the male person. You can read all about it here. It is a bit of a sad story because we are also saying goodbye to Farm Cat Fred.
The publicist is very sad about Fred. He was her favorite cat.

But the male person is a great guy and now we have a new Farm Cat or maybe I should say Farm Kitten. Isn't he cute?

I asked him a few questions so you could learn all about him.
So, where did you come from?

I was living in the shelter in Missoula. I am very happy to be in a nice house now where people play with me and I have plenty to eat and there are other cats to play with me. The other cats aren't friendly yet but I think they will be.

How did you spend your first night on the Farm?

Well, I did some exploring in my new home. I learned where the litter box is - this is very important! I learned where the food bowls are. Also very important! And I played with the publicist's plant. 

What do you expect to do on the Farm?

I think I will play and eat and sleep.

And at the point the little kitten did fall asleep.

I guess it has been an exciting couple of days for the little guy.  The publicist would like any suggestions for names. She might not use them but she is always open to suggestion.

As you all know we ended up naming him Sherpa because he likes to climb things. Like the male person....

I hope you liked this peak into the past.


  1. What a sweet bebbeh Sherpa was!

  2. awwwww...i forgot how cute sherpa was...i mean, still is!!! hope you feel better soon!

  3. Sherpa, you were so darn cute as a kitten. Sorry to hear that the publicist isn't feeling well. Hope she feels better really soon. Take care.

  4. He is still adorable! I hope the publicist feels better soon!

  5. Awww.. I love looking back at how sweet and tiny our babies were when we got them! Sherpa was a cutie for sure!

  6. This post gave me a chance to catch up on some happenings before I started visiting this blog.
    Wish I could have a cat, but family allergies won't allow it, so I'll just have to visit with yours.

  7. dang - that Shepa kitten picture is adorable. The male person done good!!

    Purrs to the publicist that she is feeling better soon....

  8. an adorable child he was! hoping publicist is back to fine form soon!

  9. Here's hoping that the publicist is soon on the mend and doing well. I remember the original post. Yes, Sherpa was a very cute kitten and he's now a handsome guy. I may have suggested a name, but it was no where near as good as Sherpa. All the best.

  10. What a wonderful look back. I certainly hope that your publicist is feeling better very soon.

  11. Sherpa was already a teenager when I started following your blog, so it is fun seeing him as a kitten!

  12. Mommy squee'd herself! Sherpa you were an adorable wee thing.

    13 big purrs for the publicist--get well soon.

  13. I hope the Publicist is feeling better soon!
    This was a nice look back for those of us who are newer here! Thanks! :)

  14. We remember baby Sherpa! Such a cutie pie! We hope the Publicist feels better soon!

  15. Sherpa sure was a cute little ball of fur!


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