Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Day Outside with the Farm Cats

It was a nice and sunny day.
So the Farm cats were out enjoying themselves.
Stinky is an old cat much like I am an old goat so she just likes to sit and enjoy the view.

I wonder what she is watching.
Or maybe she is napping.
What do you think?
No matter what it looks nice and tasty peaceful.

Now Sherpa and Harry are another story altogether. 
Harry came bounding up and over the bank.

He looks nervous doesn't he?

What could be following him?
An evil river monster?
A great big mousie bent on revenge?

WHAT could it be?

What else?
A big, orange fluff ball!

I would run from that too!


  1. were those two down at the river fishing?

  2. Stinky is watching Bird TV up close. Harry, don't let that Sherpa chase you around. Chase him back. Hope all of you have a great day.

  3. I think I would enjoy sitting by Stinky and just watching...

  4. oh, you make me miss my barn kitty!

  5. Yes Sherpa does look a little crazypants!

  6. You two do look a little like wildcats today!

  7. Partners in crime I would say,lol!

  8. We just had to stop by and say we loved your blog! We are your newest followers; your goats is awesome :-)

  9. Sherpa looks harmless to us! Our mommy would be nervous to have those boys running around outside like that. She's a worry wart!

  10. Adventurers!!!
    You farm cats get ALL the fun!
    Sometimes being a city cat is a little ho-hum.
    ; ) Katie

  11. I would enjoy sitting quietly next to Stinky, enjoying the view and gossiping!

  12. What fun those guys have. I enjoy reading about their adventures. Although The Perils of Harry somehow doesn't sound as interesting as the real thing. :)

  13. Be careful, you two!! 'Splorin' can get you into trouble!


Maaaaaa away....


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