Tuesday, June 26, 2012

AbbyDay - I Send Flash on a SPY Mission

It's AbbyDay, the best day of the week. DON'T YOU FORGET IT!

You will recall that I was a bit...disappointed that the male person did not build me a goat palace.
I was a bit....shocked that he built a new chicken house.

I decided I needed a spygoat to check out the inside of it to make sure the male person was not hiding something from me.

I sent in my kid, Flash the goat!
That little door is just his size!
He maaaed to his brother Jim to come help.
First they reconnoitered the entry.
They are smart kids!

Then they started to climb the ramp.
Flash was making sure it was sturdy.
He did not want it to fall on Sarah the goat.

Then he looked in!
What did he see?
Lots and lots of chickens.
So I guess the male person is not trying to hide something from me.

I still think he should have built me a goat palace.

He is feeling a little bit better. His fever is gone. He thanks everyone for sending along the positive thoughts. So far the publicist has not caught the flu. Keep your hooves crossed!


  1. Glad to hear the male person is better.
    Love those two kids going spying. Nothing better than a good ramp to go up. But But, there wasn't anything to get on top of.
    Have a good day and hope the publicist stays healthy.

  2. Abby, you are wily in your use of Flash as your spygoat on the scene. It would have been better if he was wearing a goatcam to film those chickens. Who knows what could be hiding under those nests??

  3. Well...he's a cute spy anyway. ;) Glad to hear the male person is better. We can't have those people getting sick and slacking on their goat duties, you know? Sheesh.

  4. Wow - that was a great idea to send the kids in. Too bad the story about the chickens was true....

  5. well, good to know they weren't lying about the chickens. :)

  6. how did i miss this? the male person had the flu? so sorry to hear that but glad he is feeling better. he might not have built a goat palace with a golden roof but if you guys keep looking, maybe you will find a golden egg!

  7. Maybe now that the male person is feeling better he'll make you the gold goat palace you deserve! :)

  8. I wish my human would grow me some chickens.

    I'm glad your male human is feeling better - paws crossed he did not pass it on to the Publicist! After BlogPaws, my human has been feeling a bit wonky - there were several attendees who were nursing colds and her immune system was down with all the traveling and not enough sleep. But she thinks all the fun she had trumps any slight cold she may have caught!

  9. I am glad the male person is feeling better. Soon he will be able to get started on your goat palace.

  10. All we have to say is: Karma! We think a Goat Palace is on the horizon...

  11. Nothing like sending a cute adorable kid to gather information! You are a very smart Abby goat!

  12. So sorry to hear the male person was under the weather. Glad he is feeling better.


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