Saturday, May 12, 2012

What is in the Trash Can?

As I mentioned yesterday the publicist heard a terrible catermaaaaing.
She looked out the window and this is what she saw

How did that happen?
Why was Jim in the trash?
Jim is not trash, he is a goat!

The publicist rushed outside to see what was going on.
Poor little Jim.
The trash can was full of WATER!
We goats do not like water.

No wonder he was catermaaaaaing!
Sarah the goat was quite upset too.

Jim was happy to see the publicist.
He maaaaed and maaaed and maaaed at her.
She got him out and he looked like a drowned rat.
She did not bring her camera down because she was worried about him.

She does think he is a silly little goat.
She THINKS he was jumping to get on TOP of the trash can but did not realize that it was open and that he would fall in. She has now put it on its side.

Little Jim IS a hopper.
Little Jim is NOT trash.
Silly Jim!


  1. That little Jim is going to be a trouble-maker!! He better look from now on before he leaps!

  2. Oh No Poor little Jim. Jumped right into the water. Bet that was a huge surprise. He says that trash cans are supposed to have tops. Too funny. Glad the publicist heard you baaaaaing Jim. Never a dull moment around a farm. Take care

  3. Jim really got himself in a fix! He is lucky the publicist was right there to get him out!

  4. poor Jim....good thing the publicist was there to rescue him.... though we suspect he will be no more careful the next time. :)

  5. oh no.....the baby goat was almost thrown out with the trash water!

  6. Poor Jim. Next time, maybe he should check before just hopping in.

  7. aaiiieeeeee!!!!!
    Jim, that was horrendous! Next time, look before you leap.

  8. Poor little Jim! You need to learn to look before you leap!

  9. oh what these goats dont get into! We had a new kid get in a water bucket when it was only a couple days old :O(. When I went to the barn early morning to check on kids and mom there he was hanging over the side of the bucket as he could not get out .. I thought oh my he is dead. But soon as I grabbed him up he woke right up and went to screaming LOL... he had apparently fallen asleep luckily with him arms and head over the side and it held him up ... needless to say we then put all water buckets up on hooks in the barn hoping they could no longer get in them... But now look Jim jumped very high to get in that one! Kids LOL.

  10. PS
    I am very glad he was okay!

  11. Poor little Jim! We're glad the publicist came to rescue you!

  12. I can't believe he hopped all the way to the top of the can. Poor little Jim.

  13. Poor Jim! How awful to get wet.

  14. What a surprise! Eeeee! Silly Jim.

  15. Poor Jim! Silly little goat... maybe he wants to lear how to swim?

  16. Poor little guy -- he must have scared out of his mind!

  17. I'm glad you were there to help that silly boy. Goodness, he's just too curious!

  18. 'One man's trash is another man's goat?' Looking before leaping is definitely in order! :) I am so glad the publicist was around!

  19. Pricilla, did you throw Jim away?

    Bad, Pricilla. BAD!


Maaaaaa away....


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