Saturday, May 5, 2012

Flash the Goat Goes Down to the Big Pen

It was a big, big day for Flash the Goat.
He was going to come down to the big pen to meet all of us goats.
Not that Abbygoat would let any of us near him.

As if we would hurt him!
We just wanted to sniff him.

Or maybe lick him a little.
What is wrong with that?
I haven't had a kid to lick in a long time.

But Abbygoat wasn't going to let me near her kid!

Stupid AbbyGoat!
I do not deserve the Goat Stare of Death!

And look! Flash does not care - he just wants to bounce

and play!
Just like any kid who has freedom for the first time.

Abby needs to CHILL!
Let Flash be Flash.


  1. Good girl Pricilla, you tell that Abby. Your little grandson is too cute. Can't wait for Jim and Flash to get together. Now that will be fun. Hope all of you have a great day.

  2. Little bouncy Flash! What a treat for the other nannies! Pricilla, don't be too hard on AbbyGoat (did I just say that??) She is just being the good nanny you taught her to be!!

  3. Awwww. He's really cute. I'd want to lick him too! Maybe you can wait until Abby is off stuffing mean eating and then you can lick Flash! hee hee

  4. geez, that Abby needs to chill....

    we would love to see bouncy kids. can't wait until Flash and Jim can be together - that should be a party and a half... MOL

  5. Some maas do need to quit being so overprotective. He's a cute little guy!

  6. Oh my goodness... Flash is such a little cutie! I can imagine how cute is was to see Flash just bouncing along on his happy little hooves. :)

  7. oh my gosh! he is just too cute! the dreaded question....does he get to stay or does he go?

  8. With a name like Flash, I think he is going to grow up to be very independent!

  9. We LOVE Flash!!!!!!! He's a tuxie goat just like I'm a tuxie cat!!! you think he might be my long lost brother?
    : )

    Happy Cinco de Mayo!
    ; ) Katie & Glogirly

  10. Flash is absolutely adorable! I can understand where Abby's coming from. I was very protective of my girls when they were babies too.

  11. Mommy said something about getting "Flashed" and then started laffin...she is weird.

  12. Abbygoat does need to chill a little! Flash is just so cute and bouncy! We hope you get to lick the little kid soon!

  13. Flash is so sweet!!! Thanks for sharing the awesome pics!

  14. I guess Abby is just being a careful mommy. Even though I know you would never hurt little Flash.

  15. Abbygoat was just being protective of her little boy Pricilla. I'm sure she will chill out as he gets a little older! :)

  16. Soooo, Abby wouldn't let Aunt Lin near to give him a smoochie??? Sheesh. What is with that???! She should know we all just want to see and hold her baby (or just lick him, in your case, Pricilla). Dang. Lighten up, Abby!

  17. I haven't got to read blogs in a few days, and I missed the big announcement I see!!! ewwwww cuteness!!! He is adorable!


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