Friday, May 25, 2012

Farm Cat Friday - What's In the Box?

The publicist brought the male person a box.

She put it in his lap.
What do you suppose was in it?
Do you really think she would put a box full of buffalo in the male person's lap?
She's silly but I don't think she is THAT silly.

He thinks she's just plain crazy and even he knew it wasn't a box o'bison.
He felt something MOVING in the box.

What was he doing in the box?
Silly kitty.

He jumped in the box in the basement and the publicist thought it would be funny to give it to the male person.
(You see now that he is right to think she is crazy!)

The thing is though, Sherpa did not leave the box!

He stayed in the box on the male person's lap for quite some time.
He seemed rather happy in the box.
Any time the male person told him he needed to leave Sherpa gave him.....

....the Farm cat Stare of Death!
Who's crazy?


  1. Sherpa box cat! I would like one. Where do I order?

  2. Oh Sherpa, you are so silly. We would have exited that box, the minute it started to move. Guess the publicist shut you right in there. Bet that was fun. Take care.

  3. That Sherpa! I do think our farm cats would enjoy that box as well. I'd like to eat it. :-)

  4. That is a GREAT photo! What a silly cat! I can't believe he stayed in there while you were moving it.

  5. Sherpa is a box - that gift that keeps on giving. :) Have a great weekend....

  6. Great photos of Sherpa acting as if it is the most natural and obvious place for a farmcat to be, in a box.

  7. this made me snicker, big time! :)

  8. what could be better than a box full of cat. teddy would love to receive one of them!

  9. Sherpa is very silly! We hope the male person stayed put until Sherpa was ready to get out of the box!

  10. I don't blame Sherpa for not wanting to leave that box! Besides, he was probably thinking there might be some leftover buffalo!

  11. hahaha!!!
    WAY cuter than a buffalo.
    ; ) Katie

  12. No bison burger for the male person. :( Just silly Sherpa having fun and being 100% kitty.


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